EGM Review: Battlefield 4 (Next-Gen)

EGM - "I’ve always had my philosophical differences with Battlefield. There’s at least one moment every match when I wish, if only briefly, that DICE did things differently. Sometimes I get pinned down by enemy armor with nothing in my loadout that can do even a single point of damage to it, and I wish they weren’t so dedicated to their hard counters."

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ShowGun9012772d ago

"It’s like they forced a robot to watch every tear-jerking war film ever made, then had him try and piece together a script of his own. He’s going through all the requisite motions, sure, but there’s not a shred of genuine humanity or artistry behind them. Silly Battlefield screenwriting robot, your heart is made of metal and circuits. You cannot love."


thats just great lol

Panthers2772d ago

Online is so much fun... when it works. Still cant play Conquest, but Rush works.

Sadist32772d ago

Yeah, hardcore conquest isn't working at all, which sucks cause that's the only mode I play. This normal mode with a mini map is horrible