Sony was hoping for 7s with Knack, and that's just not good enough

Is aiming for a 7 really the best thinking with which to approach one of your new console’s launch games? And not just any launch game. Perhaps unfortunately, Knack was the world’s first look at PS4 gaming back at the console’s February reveal. Whether intended to be a central player of the machine’s launch roster or not, that kind of treatment heaps a certain implicit expectation upon a game.

If you start with low expectations, you guarantee lesser results. And just as importantly, you give yourself no excuses if things go wrong. Whatever the logistical complications of developing a launch game, if you’re only aiming for a 7, then a 7 is the best you can expect.

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SynGamer2769d ago

5-10 years ago 7's were solid. Not amazing, but still good. I don't understand how gaming journalists have shifted the spectrum from 7's being good to 9's or higher, and anything less is terrible?

For a game like Knack, 7's are a good aim. It's a game that not everyone is going to enjoy, but others will eat up. If "7" is good but not great, that seems reasonable, especially for a new franchise.

Godmars2902769d ago

What worse are games which get 1/10 when they don't have technical issues, and usually 1/10 was reserved for sever technical issues.

And then there's COD: a game which typically comes with bugs to one degree or another, but it often gets 10/10s from various sites - who then later join in on complaining about the bugs.

sincitysir12769d ago

I am honestly enjoying the crap outta this game. Isn't perfect but definitely fun. The co op is awesome with the girlfriend.

morganfell2769d ago

@sin - found myself spending more time with this than Killzone, BF4, AC4, or Resogun. Its addictive as hell and the fight system at first seems simple, but that is the deception. Timing is a must. Fantastic title.

TomShoe2769d ago

Fanboys ruined Knack.

It's sickening.

Godmars2902769d ago

"Fanboys ruined Knack."

That's only true if it doesn't sell well and there are retrospective reviews with higher scores.

Regardless it will likely show up on PS+.

guitarded772769d ago

@ TomShoe

What do you mean by that? Just curious, I don't want to read into it.

On Topic: Just played a bit of Knack, and it's not a 10, but it's not crap either. It could be a lot better, but it was a new IP made for launch. I'm not justifying its shortcomings, but I also wasn't expecting the next big AAA platformer to reinvent platformers. People who went in with inflated expectations may be let down, but I don't think there is any kind of consensus for this game... the reviews are all over the place.

MRMagoo1232769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I dont get this whole rating system now days, if the worst games are 5 what are the 4,3,2 and 1 games, When i was playing games on my megadrive games that got 5 where classed as average, games that where 7 where def worth getting. Also to add another point who trusts any reviews now days when games like COD get 10, i dont hate COD but 10 lol.

IMO all reviews should be completely without scores, not As or Bs or 5 out of 5s, it should go like this.

(Insert game title here)

Description of game, along with personal experiences playing through the game.



If you liked (insert game here) then you will like this.

And thats all they need, the numbers added after just drive a lot of ppl away from making their own mind up.

As much as i love sony this is not in defense of them but in hate of the way scores are done now days be it ps4,wiiu or xbone.

Boody-Bandit2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Serious question.
Who gives a damn about reviews other than those that want to use it as ammo?

Some of the most addictive and entertaining games I have played the last several years where rated in the 7 / 70's. I have played quite a few so called blockbusters I thought were MEH / been there done that.

I never fall for the hype of the media and do my own research. Most of these guys are agenda driven bias puppets. Trying to out do one another with sensationalism, extremely doom and gloom / negativity or hyperbole over drive.

Trying to sift through the cesspool of the gaming media to find a gem is getting harder and harder to do. Now I just go by developer interview videos or demos of the games and decide for myself.

I honestly can't remember the last review I read all the way through. Their a waste of time for me and nothing but a marketing tool for publishers.

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4Sh0w2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

SynGamer I totally disagree, especially when sony's biggest most used PR line is they are focused on games first and foremost. So not only should your lineup prove this but of course the quality of the both your full retail exclusive games themselves should *attempt* to demonstrate that vision.

Again sure a 7 is NOT terrible but its about the mentality we're talking about here. Let's say Knack was a very ambitious new IP that tried some huge gameplay ideas, scope, or features and perhaps the game didn't nail it, failed to deliver on promises, or it just has a lot of technical flaws based on lofty goals, etc which is why it then got 6's or 7's, then that would be far more understandable because it lays the groundwork for where we are heading and what next gen POTENTIAL is. Knack however looks like and even the creator hinted at beforehand which now Yoshida comments basicly speaks to it wasn't a great effort. Knack just didn't do well because it was lacking even honestly compared to some of the originality and gameplay of the best ps2 platformers, aside from graphics of course.

SynGamer2769d ago

Just so I understand're saying a 7 is terrible? My exact argument was that -10 years ago gaming journalists would give games 6's and 7's and it wouldn't be doom and gloom. It simply meant there was fun to be had, but the games weren't amazing. Now, if a game gets a 7, it's terrible, which I don't agree with.

4Sh0w2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

huh? I specifically said a 7 is NOT terrible.

lol, I even capitalized it for emphasis in both my posts.

Read what I said again for better understanding this time.

SynGamer2769d ago

My apologies. I'm not saying you edited your comment (it doesn't say edited) but I definitely don't recall seeing a capitalized "NOT" when i first read your comment, hence why I asked :) My bad :D

4Sh0w2769d ago

SynGamer no I did however edit in the part about Yoshida's comments, but no worries apology accepted.

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iamnsuperman2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I think 7 is a good aim as the way publications review these types of games is just wrong. A lot of publications took it for a game for us to pick up and not a game you pick up for your children and play with them (it has been the one thing Sony has said about who this game is for). I wasn't surprised by the review scores. Cerny said him self the game was created because he realised there was nothing for that age band in the launch titles. These types of games always get marked down because no-one takes into account who it is for as the reviewers review it as if they are going to buy it for themselves.

Sure there are a few games that transcend demographics but that shouldn't be a reason to mark a game down when it doesn't. Just praise the ones that do

cl19832769d ago

I think the issue really relies on the games who forget that 7 is a respectable score. When you have a 1-10 scale 1 is trash 5 is ok 7 is good and 10 is the best thing in the world, with no issues. Yes some reviewers you question because of the it's the block buster of the year and has issues, and those reviews should be questioned.

Silver3602769d ago

Very few gamers want to buy a game that scores a 7. Everyone wants to play the "BEST" games around. Sometime people need to realize that what a game reviewer likes and what you like can be different.

QuickdrawMcgraw2769d ago

To me 5-6.5 rentable,7-8.5 rent for sure,maybe buy,9-10 must buy.But that's just me.

morganfell2769d ago

If enough people tell me this, then I do it, and if enough people tell me this over here then I do it, but if enough people tell me something else then I definitely do that. See how that sounds?

Knushwood Butt2768d ago

I can't remember the last time I let a review influence the purchase of a game.

I don't have particularly high hopes for Knack, so I'll be satisfied with a decent experience.

Plus, I'll be getting it, 'free', with my JPN launch bundle anyway.

3-4-52768d ago

7 is still good and playable. Some of my greatest gaming memories came from playing games that are 6/10 or 7/10.

I just didn't know the score at the time so I just played to have fun and tried to enjoy the game for what it is.

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tkato2769d ago

C'mon from day one you could see Knack is a tech demo that grew out of control, I doubt their aim was anything but to show the number of particles and effects you can create with the hardware.

Godmars2902769d ago

I think its a PS1/PS2 era game which uses "modern" PS4 tech. Its a small foot in a large shoe.

L0Lcano2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Aiming for a 7 is ridiculous. Any developer that goes in with the frame of mind of producing a "decent enough" game should question themselves. The fact that Mark Cerny, chief architect for ps4 was heavily involved worries me as well but the ps4 does appear to be a very well thought out machine

MysticStrummer2769d ago

"Aiming for a 7 is ridiculous. Any developer that goes in with the frame of mind of producing a "decent enough" game should question themselves."

I agree with this whole heartedly.

"The fact that Mark Cerny, chief architect for ps4 was heavily involved worries me"

I think Cerny spent a lot more time on PS4 than he did Knack. Knack looks fun, but very simple. There's nothing wrong with that if you want your console to appeal to a wide range of people, but "hardcore" gamers will scoff. It honestly is probably a tech demo that evolved into a game, but it will be interesting to see what Cerny does with PS4 when the game has his full attention. The man does have a track record.

"the ps4 does appear to be a very well thought out machine"

It was designed with heavy developer input and Sony is known as a hardware company, so I definitely agree.

-Gespenst-2769d ago

7 is a good score. Review standards have gone out the window in recent years as games have gotten more corporate and media saturated.

Nevertheless, it is a bit weird that they marketed the eff out of this game to be the second coming of Crash Bandicoot. It's a bit insulting to those who put their confidence in the game - secretly Sony thought it was mediocre (by todays review standards which they're probably aware of, i.e. 7 = mediocre), but they tricked us into thinking it would be amazing.

To me, the game looks and always has looked like a 5/10 so I'm uneffected. Woeful art direction; cringey, broad pixar look as well as a broad, shallow pixar-esque story, uninteresting gameplay, bland and unimaginative environments. Count me out.

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