Top 5 things I loved about this gen

In this article, Sam Hewitt of Level Complete shares the top 5 he loved about this gen.

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malokevi2773d ago

I loved this gen. Awesome videogames. Next gen is looking equally or greaterly as sweet.

Yeah, greaterly... I made that word up.

RexFury2773d ago

They should add it to the dictionary. Fantastic word.

feraldrgn2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

The 1 thing I loved about this gen.

The Souls games, breaking the norm.

Majin-vegeta2772d ago

I loved what Sony did with MAG on the PS3.Here's hoping they make MAG 2.Even better.

Metallox2772d ago

Horrible generation, especially for those DLC.

contradictory2772d ago

1:unfinished products just because you can patch...lazy.

2:localization problems with PSN
( persona 3 is still not on PSN...yeah, GG. )

3:fanboy debates up the ass

4:pointless gimmicks

5:graphics > gameplay

6:RROD being a thing

7:voice chat. just voice chat.

8:just how long was this gen exactly?!

9:PS3 HAD bc compatibility...not anymore....WHY??

10:horrible optimization in some console games.

seriously though this gen was pretty good.
aren't you glad i told you that after you readt me shitting on it?

contradictory2772d ago

oh.. about number 5 i should have probably clarified that i hate that some developers seem to think that graphics are more important than gameplay

dcj05242771d ago

Voice chat was on XBOX and PS2 and on PC. Also I'm play persona 3 right now on my US account lol, they STILL haven't localised Dark cloud 1 or 2 yet.