What Can FLARE Do For You? Square Enix’s Ambitious New Cloud Platform Explained

WGTC writes: The thought of Square Enix — a company that, despite recent signs of life, has been operating at a loss for well over a year — choosing now of all times to announce a massively ambitious, supercomputer-powered cloud platform is more than a little bit mind boggling. Ask any life-long Final Fantasy fan: Does the name Square Enix carry the weight it once did? Though they’ll never admit to waning loyalty, you’d have a hard time racking up more than a few half-hearted yeses if you tallied all the votes. It then begs the question – what is a distinguished, beloved, but struggling RPG-house to do?

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HelpfulGamer2773d ago

Serving more Players, with fewer Servers, that's what project Flare is. Plus, SONY owns Gaikai Cloud Gaming, Sony owns 8.25% of SquareEnix, and SquareEnix's share price going up,