A Triforce of Innovation: The Secret to The Legend of Zelda's Longevity

I doubt anyone ever could have predicted that those simple words, spoken by the strange old man who first hands a sword to the little green blob of pixels that would become one of the most iconic video game characters of all time, could inaugurate an adventure that has now spanned nearly three decades. With no signs of slowing down.

But why? What sets Nintendo icon Shigeru Miyamoto’s incredibly acclaimed The Legend of Zelda series so far apart from its peers as to allow it to maintain – and even increase – its success for so long?

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JSDude12766d ago

Compare each game starting with the first, and marvel how they've evolved each game (including the multi-player games Four Swords and FSA)!

ifritAlkhemyst2765d ago

They're almost all masterpieces of game design.

Most gamers cannot get into them anymore because there is no "mature" story dragging them through it. But I feel Nintendo is right keeping the story disconnected from the gameplay, allowing them to make a game that is fun and interesting and whose mechanics are not beholden to the story the game wants to tell.

WeAreLegion2765d ago

The game play needs to be able to stand without a deep story. You're right. It just doesn't.

WeAreLegion2765d ago

I love the series, but they haven't innovated in many many years. Okami took the Zelda formula and made it better. I want new experiences from Zelda. Maybe a deeper story, too. Again, I love the series. I just have high expectations for it.

Jyndal2765d ago

I think we've seen the best that Zelda will offer us. The landscape of gaming, as well as the upper brass at Nintendo, has changed so much that the aspects that made Zelda great in the first place wouldn't translate well over to this generation of gamers.
Now, everyone expects deep, compelling storylines, ultra-tuned, realistic graphics, and gigantic, open worlds to explore. Most people in their early 20's probably respect the first game, but I doubt many would have the patience to play completely through it these days.

spaboolly2765d ago

Don't quote me on this, but wasn't there some information awhile ago about the next console Zelda being more open world? You never know what they have up their sleeves.