Can Spyro The Dragon Please Come Back?

Justin from Pixel Gate writes:

I’ll probably get some hate about this, but when rumors were flying around about a classic franchise being revealed to come to PlayStation 4 last night, my mind immediately went to everyone’s favorite purple dragon, Spyro and then getting somewhat disappointed seeing we’d get another Uncharted game as I feel like I’m the only human being in the world who hasn’t really enjoyed that series. I did play the first two games, and couldn’t get into the world, characters, or story for that matter.

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PoSTedUP2778d ago

i played the crap out of it again on my PSP. it was such a great/rewarding platformer. one of my all time favorites.

Manio312778d ago

Does it still hold up? Part of the reason I'm hesitant on going back.

PoSTedUP2778d ago

id give it a go. i had fun with it but i was a huge fan bak in the day. the graphics arent an issue it was actually pretty sharp, i didnt notice any jaggies really like most ps1 games, especially on the psp screen.

Mr_Luke2777d ago

Would be great if Spyro comes back. But i mean the real, old, good Spyro (1, 2 and 3) not all the horrible ones that came out after, when it wans't Insomniac the producer.