PlayStation 4 Bundles Back in Stock at Wal-Mart

8CN: Wal-Mart has restocked their supply of PS4 consoles following last night's official launch. Their bundle is priced at $517, and contains a PS4, two controllers, the camera, and your choice of one game (pictured are Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, and Watch_Dogs, although the latter is likely not an option).

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Hallow2770d ago

Out of stock 5 min. After you posted your article.

NewAgeisHere2770d ago

Damn.....Murica goin crazy for ps4:)

SkippyPaccino2770d ago

We can say the PS4 is outselling the xbone 1 million to one?

GearSkiN2770d ago

Haters gonna hate, enjoy your ps4 and leave it to that

Obscure_Observer2770d ago

With all that problems? I rather be cautious and wait Sony to fix it.

It´s clear that Sony rushed this system. Next week is the X1´s turn.

I can see war rages if MS´s new system does not have any issues/malfunc

LiQuiZoN2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

There aren't any "problems". I can attest to the 2 ps4's my brother and myself own and have used extensively.

...Hiccups sure, but major issues, no. Keep trying.

Its a shame for you because it really is an EXCELLENT high quality product. Sony did a great job. You as a consumer should partake in that, but instead you will probably buy an xbox which Microsoft is clearly rushing to market.

Whatever floats your boat.

Obscure_Observer2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )


I´ve already bought Xbox One. And my advice for consumers? Wait for it too! The system isn´t out yet. If you want to buy it, wait a few weeks to do it.

I´m not here to bashing on the PS4, neither the PS4 owners.

I bought a X1 primarily because it provides entertainment for me and my family. My wife love social and tv features and my kids just love kinect´s casual games.

I´m a hardcore gamer, i´ve been gaming since Snes. But now is not about me anymore, it´s about my family entertainment too. I know that PS4 is awesome! But unfortunately, i can´t afford buying two systems right now, so i´ve decide to buy a system where me and my family can enjoy togheter. I couldn´t care less about Sony, MS or Nintendo. They are all the same when money is involved. Don´t be a fool by thinking they are any different.

I use to respect Shu Yoshida, but even he has been lying lately. He´d denied the existence of a Red Line of Death issue. The truth? Now it´s printed on your PS4´s user manual.

If you don´t had experience any issue with your sistem, then i´m happy for you and i wish you well.

You can be blind all you want, but you can´t deny the truth. The issues is there. Look at all the people on Amazon. They are praising the amazon´s costumer support, while bashing Sony´s support. Xbox clowns are there too, giving the xbox community a bad name by faking reviews. But mostly are genuine reviews writen by verified consumers.

So, i´ll say it again: Want to buy a new next gen game system? Wait for it!

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Lionsguard2770d ago

Ps4 back in sto....aaaaaaaaaaand they're gone.

ltachiUchiha2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Seems like the ps4 will be in a drought soon especially when u see ppl buying up these bundle packs like nothing. The demand is crazy.

Edit: kewlkat007
Yeah I never understood why ppl would even be crazy enough to buy those who try an sell it on ebay for so much but then again, i guess if u have the money & are desperate, then I guess its ok lol.

kewlkat0072770d ago

What sucks is people buying just for Ebay...

GearSkiN2770d ago

Yup that's what I'm doing

GentlemenRUs2770d ago

The KING is back baby!

I can't wait to play the heck out of it come the 29th.

Ricegum2770d ago

Argh 13 days to go! Can't wait.

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