Top 10 Best Xbox One Games of 2014

Here are ten of the hottest and greatest, most anticipated games of 2014 due for release on the Xbox One console.

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Xwow20082766d ago

Better to change the don mattrick pic, no gamer likes him even xbox fans :)

On the topic:2014 will be a bloodbath both companies will fire all they got.

kennyg37392766d ago

Lol, how do you not put Halo in that list.

Godmars2902766d ago

Its yet to be announced?

Dragonborn3122766d ago

It has been announced for late 2014.

Loki862766d ago

Absolutely awful list, unless this is just confirmed 2014 games.

Aggesan2766d ago

Diablo 3 hasn't been confirmed for xbone, and the top 3 is ridiculous. Ok with Titanfall as no1, but 2 (Bellow) and 3 (Sunset Overdrive) seems better than the Devision, Watch Dogs, Metal Gear 5, Dragon Age and the Witcher?? Fanboyish retardation.

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