The Players’ Monument unveiled

Today we are launching the Players’ Monument to celebrate the impending launch of PS4 and Players everywhere.

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Majin-vegeta2778d ago

Awesome :D.

Off topic:I'm having problems setting up my PS4 account :(.

Abriael2778d ago

I normally love this kind of stuff, but am I the only one feeling that they're starting to go a bit overboard with the cheesy now?

Fireseed2777d ago

I think that is long past with people repeating the marketing phrase "Greatness Awaits"

Mikelarry2778d ago

players monument how about player rewards like our fellow US brethrens enjoy

-Foxtrot2777d ago

I wish these guys would tell us if Europe gamers get what US gamers got with there PS4.....the PS Plus, credit to PSN store and something to do with Music unlimited.