Has gamestop leaked Sleeping Dogs 2?

A user on reddit has posted a picture of what appears to be a leaflet that he got from gamestop, when he bought his ps4 last night. He posted the picture with the text "Got this from gamestop, when i bought my ps4 and knack last night? Did anybody else get it?" So what do you guys think? Is it legit?

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daggertoes832770d ago

Love the first one. It really snuck up on me. Thanks playstation plus.

abzdine2769d ago

same here, PS+ made me discover this game and i really liked it.
if a second one comes out i would buy it this time.
VGAs incoming and bombs will drop!!

ShinMaster2769d ago

It's an awesome game. I bought it on day one lol

SheenuTheLegend2769d ago

yeah man saints row sucked...
but this rocked
here some people like it more than gta
which is great for gaming

Iltapalanyymi2770d ago

YEAH true crime 4!!! cant waitt

Kryptix2769d ago

I don't think a lot of people know Sleeping Dogs was originally going to be another True Crime game.

...but I'm with you. Yay...True Crime 4! lol

ShinMaster2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

No it wasn't.
They started developing the game as an original IP. Activision thought it was similar so they dubbed it True Crime, but it was actually never a True Crime game to begin with. It has been an original IP all along. It regained it's own identity when SquareEnix picked it up.
Proof @ 3 minutes in:

Kryptix2769d ago


You're right, but it didn't have a title then so it was going to be another True Crime till Activision killed the game which killed the True Crime series at the same time.

Then Square Enix brought the game back to it's feet and named it Sleeping Dogs because it couldn't be called True Crime: Hong Kong since Activision owns the True Crime name.

Xsilver2770d ago

Please be true loved that game.

boing12769d ago

Awesome! First one was one of the best surprises of last year IMO.

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The story is too old to be commented.