Firmware Update Episode 0.69: Greatness Awaits

The Geek Link writes - For the Firmware Update, Greatness is mere hours away. The boys try their best to power on through as the anticipation for the PS4 is at a fever pitch.

Talking Points: The boys discuss Friday and probably not getting too much time with PS4 on Friday, Malc vents about people not knowing how tech launches work, Diablo III is coming to PS4 and so are your PS3 characters, Remote Play works fantastically, the Playstation App and it’s features, poor Knack, Shuhei and his week of hell, PS4 will one day play mp3s, and RK and Joe make up.

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Viking_Socrates2777d ago

{that Maturity}

Not that I didn't think the same thing.

logan_izer102777d ago

What I want to know is if one day it will use external devices and have video playback. I don't want to keep my ps3 lingering around all the time