"Deja Vu Mission" In Ground Zeroes Is Not A DLC, Clarifies Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima recently showed at the PS4 Launch Event that PlayStation platforms will get exclusive content for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

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THamm2778d ago

I'm really not liking it. The big announcement just reminded me of MGS1 mask in MGS4. This coming from #1 franchise for me always and forever MGS

FantasyStar2778d ago



Ratty2778d ago

It's not just a skin, though. There's an entire mission but yeah. My mind wasn't exactly blown either.

Pintheshadows2778d ago

I really like Hideo and his games but this to me is just utterly pointless.

chrissx2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

The whole ground zeroes setup is dissappointing considering we got the tanker mission and MGS2 in the same cd. But I'll get it and phantom pain still anyway

Ratty2778d ago

We don't know if Ground Zeroes is on par with the Tanker mission. That's just speculation at this point. I'm hoping it's bigger than that. At least a good 4-6 hours campaign. You can go through the Tanker or Virtuous mission in under twenty minutes if you skip the cutscenes.

lordstark2778d ago

He's deff feeling the heat with that half ass announcement at the show. Clearly people could care less about some skin. Kojima is becoming infamous for his overhyped words !!!

Ratty2778d ago

To be fair though that's pretty much his first time overhyping something like that.

Ratty2778d ago

Hahaha well I *am* a huge fan of the guy ;p

He usually says something and people misinterpret it and overhype it themselves. This time he clearly was the one to overhype it.

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