Could the PS4 Give New Life to the PS Vita?

While many would agree that the PS Vita is a well-designed handheld, the system has struggled against its main competitor, the Nintendo 3DS. But now the PS4 has launched and will soon capture attention in electronics store sections. Perhaps the launch of the newest Sony console could breathe into the Vita that thing for which it is named—life.

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2cents2770d ago

I really hope so, havent used my vita for over three months now. I hope that it truly works out to be the perfect companion to the PS4.

bothebo2770d ago

I think at heart it's wishful thinking when in reality they really haven't improved the value of owning a Vita: the game library. It might slightly boost software sales for those of PlayStation nation who haven't bought it already, but in my opinion that'll be about it.

mcstorm2770d ago

I agree. I was really excited about the PSV and got it on day one but that is where it stopped. There have been so good games but they are few and far between.

Its nice that Sony will have remote play with the PSV but that's no reason for people to pay £200 for a console that is lacking games.

I know Sony have some amazing IP's but this is where Nintendo has the upper hand over everyone not just Sony when it comes to handheld consoles is it has games that get everyone excited. Hell im 29 and got excited for Pokémon X and ive not played pokemon since Yellow lol.

I hope Sony can turn the PSV around but I only think they can do this if they bring new IP's and ideas that are for all gamers as well as the core.

It is a shame the PSV has been lacking in terms of software as we really have not seen what this thing can do fully.

ShutUpDonny2770d ago

In my case, I wanted a Vita, but the idea of Remote Play was the reason that pushed me to get one. I knew it was not a sure thing back then, but it was just exciting enough to justify the purchase. I can even say that I was more confident in Remote Play than the native Vita library by itself.

The problem is, I have less reasons to buy premium Vita games now. I will still use it for indies, but 40$ titles... not sure.

ABizzel12770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )


I think the "Game Library" is simply having pretty much EVERYTHING you have on your PS4 HDD, being streamed to your Vita as long as their is a decent internet connection by.

According to a user he can remote play at his office with only a 1MB / 3MB connection, 99% lag free so that's amazing.

As the PS4 library grows and as the PS Vita library continues to grow the reason to own the Vita will be a no brainer for those who want near constant gaming (especially if a 4G Vita comes out since 4G is more than enough).

I agree right now isn't the time, but by the end of 2014 the ecosystem could be the best there is in gaming, with 2 platforms basically functioning as 1.

As as of most of my Vita fun comes from PS+ free games, and maybe 2 - 3 retail games per year, which is a problem that Sony needs to get fixed ASAP.

I think Sony learned a lesson about pricing once again, and I feel the Vita's successor will be more akin to a tablet with dedicated controls, and it won't aim for being the most powerful handheld, but being an affordable companion device ($100 - $199). Remote Play is likely going to be the future of Sony's handheld department, buy a game play them on both platforms, and stream the content from your PS5 to your PSTab via 4G or 5G network in 2020.

TwilightSparkle2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

That depends on the person, not everyone wants to spend an extra 200 just for remote play, but for the ones who have a vita it match made in heaven :)

come_bom2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

PS Vita doesn't need the PS4. What the PS Vita needs is more quality exclusive games.

dcj05242769d ago

I use my VITA everyday. Had it since October 2012. PS+ gives me new games everymonth or so a big game comes that I want. I use it more than my PS3 lol. I guess you could say I'm a HIGHLY satisfied customer. Honestly I must live in a alternate dimension where the VITA has a ton of games and more coming frequently. Lucky me.

amuadiv2770d ago

I think once vita tv comes out that would be more of a boost than anything , 100 $ price point for all of the features is a good deal

Mr_Luke2770d ago

I hope so, i have so much fun with my Vita, it's a wonderful handheld.

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