Xbox Live Gold Needs To Compete With PS Plus, But Microsoft Are Moving In The Right Direction

Dealspwn writes: "Microsoft are aware that the playing field is changing as the next console generation fast approaches, and that Xbox Live Gold has to evolve in order to compete with Sony's PlayStation Plus service. But can it evolve fast enough?

Every time we sling up a post about the latest 'games with gold' offers, the comments section tends to play host to a very familiar argument. The small selection of often mid-tier or ancient games are nowhere near as impressive as the latest titles on the PS Plus Instant Game Collection, and it's often tempting to take the mickey. But when comparing Xbox 360 and PS3 side-by-side, the two services couldn't be more different, and the comparison more specious."

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Evil_Abed2768d ago

Dedicated servers for ALL games, check.
Free games per month to keep forever, check.
Already superior and more stable network, check.

Xbox Live Gold already ahead.

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HardcoreDaBoss2767d ago

He may or may not be an xbot... but he never lied and he stated facts. XBL has already been ahead since it started. and now we have servers, free games? seriously only sony fans would say its not better.

UltimateMaster2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Since when is charging for free apps a good direction?

My logic is pretty simple and straight-forward.

Xbox Live charges ME for Free Apps, PS+ Gives ME Free Games.

I don't now about any of you guys, but I'm going for PS+.

UltimateMaster2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

I'm quoting the article.
"PS+""It has to offer great games to convince us to spend extra money."
Oh, and Xbox doesn't?

"and it's unfair to say that Xbox Live Gold offers nothing beyond multiplayer and apps/features that are completely free on all other platforms (DVR and Skype say 'hi')."
How can the truth be unfair?

"The Xbox Live Rewards scheme is on hand to offer players store credit on their purchases and simply for playing games"
It's a bloody 1% to 2% discount. Sony also has Sony points which you can get that same deal without the need to play the games beforehand.
Either way, it's Very small.

"There'll be a fitness training video application"
I've got your Kinetic Fitness Training right here:
The game keeps track of your training progress and will tell you how much calories you've burned, revolution 2005.

"could blow us away with its titanic server"
Titanic... really bad choice of words there...
I can already do all of that, without a monthly subscription.

"Perhaps some exclusive TV shows, which have been heavily hinted at over the last few months."
Exclusive TV shows, most of the time means Shows I never watch.
When your making a show, your goal "like all other business" is to maximize profits. To do that, you need to be everywhere you possibly can.

That's my take on it, but yeah, if exclusive TV shows is what supposed to be the determining factor as to why you should take an Xbox Gold Live Subscription. Then it's not in the same direction as I am headed.

SL1M DADDY2767d ago

So at the moment, Xbox Live and the PSN are identical in that they both give you free games, they offer seemless online play, and they both come at a reasonable cost. Why would either one of them have to step it up? How about we focus on the games we play online instead of the medium in which we play those games?

VENOMACR12272767d ago


PS online has always been playing catch up. Just getting to your friends list and messages on PS online is a chore and it's clunky. There's a reason why games like COD and BF sell better on the Xbox. I have friends who had a PS3, and went and bought an X360 just so they could play BF online. Live is just a better service and now it got better. I'll take free full best selling games over free indie/arcade games I get to rent.

PS fans can complain about Live's paywall, but at the end of the day anyone with intelligence know's Live is the standard.

SliceOfTruth8882767d ago

I pay for Gold so i can play on an amazing just got me to pay for an unproven one they have a year to change their horrid PS3 service to come close to what Live gives me. You can keep the free games

pompombrum2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Yet they still feel they need to stick all their additional fluff behind the XBL gold subscription.

I've been a happy subscriber to gold for over seven years now and am more than happy to continue to do so but if Microsoft want to move in the right direction, it really wouldn't hurt to allow everyone to benefit from all the awesome features we take for granted as gold members.

Seeing how they want to turn the Xbox as the "One" device needed for the living room, it seems silly putting most of the standard modern features behind XBL gold. For gamers who want online multiplayer sure but for more casual families it seems a little harsh expecting them to shell out a monthly fee to use features freely available on almost every other platform.

HardcoreDaBoss2767d ago

does it matter if stuffs behind a pay wall really? as long as you have gold you will be fine... most keep the subscription to xbox or psn.. so it doesnt matter if it has pay walls. all this is is a plan by M$ to make people upgrade to gold and get more money.. I dont like it but it doesnt affect me at all since I have xbox gold, PSN plus, and wii u online is free.

VENOMACR12272767d ago

I pay for Gold to play online. I think anyone who pays for an online account does so because they want to play multiplayer games. So having things behind a paywall isn't a big deal. Think of it like this: Your paying $50 for Live to play online, get free games to keep, using Netflix, use recording feature, use other apps. PS users pay $50 just to play online and rent games. So which service is giving you more for your $50?

pompombrum2767d ago

What about the non gamers out there who Microsoft are also targetting with their system? As I said in my last paragraph, for online gaming gold is fine and completely understandable but what about the more casual to non gamers Microsoft are also trying to entice with their system?

DiRtY2767d ago

Weird timing for these kind of articles...
Is PSN up again?

Palaven2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Exactly. The first wave of users brought PSN down, a small amount of people compared to traffic PSN is going to receive over the next few weeks.

With Microsoft's XBL track record I think that launch day will go smoothly for them.

Kryptonite42O2767d ago

I'm pretty sure that the free games you get with PS+, you only get while you have an active subscription, where games with gold gives you that game forever. If your subscription expires, ms doesn't take away all the free stuff they gave you.. its just yours. PS+ takes it away. It's really more like renting a game from sony that you can keep as long as you are subscribing. let ps+ expire, and you lose the game.

mind you, this won't be an issue for me as I plan to keep my ps+ subscription the same way Ive had my XBL subscription set to auto-renew for years.

come_bom2767d ago

The next 6-12 months we may see witch is the best, PS+ or XBLA Gold.

Witch offers:
- Best "free" games?
- Best online?
- Best gaming deals ?

HardcoreDaBoss2767d ago

Witch (which) offers:
- Best "free" games?
- Best online?
- Best gaming deals ?

PSN has always offered the best and most free games..

best online is based on the servers it doesnt lag more or less with xbox sony or wii u. But in the setup and interface xbox live is easier and better.. and with dedicated servers for games this would be the best system for online gaming

best gaming deals goes to sony for sure. They have free games since forever and deals on games all the time.

KiLLUMiNATi_892767d ago

And n4g disagrees with you SMH, theses people really think ps4 is 10000000xs better then the x1 in every category... ###DulsionalThinking###

harrisk9542767d ago

Here is where the comparison breaks down....

1. PS+ is needed to play online multiplayer, with the exception of most free-to-play games, which will not require PS+.

2. All other services, including apps (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) are not behind a paywall. Also not behind a paywall are things movie/TV services, sharing/live streaming (to Twitch, UStream, etc.), Facebook, remote play (with Vita), cross-game chate, web browser, PS App on Android/iPhone, Sharing to Facebook.

3. PS+ also provides free incredible, RECENT, games, including many AAA titles, as well as great discounts on NEW releases, as well as older games. PS+ also is priced at only $50/year and can be used across all Sony platforms (PS3, PS4 and Vita).

XBox Live, on the other hand, has ALL OF ITS SERVICES behind a paywall. You can't even access Netflix and Hulu or Facebook! The games they are giving away for free have been lackluster and do not compare to the PS+ offerings (although that may change). Not only is Xbox Live needed to do anything (besides play single player games on your XB1), it costs $10 more per year than PS+ ($60/year).

There is no comparison. At present, PS+ is a much better value!

kreate2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

But the games they gave out kinda suck though if u compare to ps plus.

I just download the free game for gold a week ago and it was some Indie game I didn't want to play.

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Vames2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Microsoft is, not Microsoft are. Why do these things get approved?

DeathOfTheFanBoy2767d ago

Either way works depending on how you are talking about/view the company.

Go back to YouTube or something gamma troll.

Vames2767d ago

Are you crazy? This is an article that should have good grammar. This is not a YouTube comment! And no, it's Microsoft is because Microsoft is one body.

Go back to school and educate yourself.

pompombrum2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

^^^Move along, this isn't the Shakespeare appreciation club you're looking for.

Seriously though, moaning about grammar on the internet is facepalm worthy.

Skip_Bayless2767d ago

Don't be such an anal grammar nazi. As long as you are comprehensible it's fine.

Dirtnapstor2767d ago

Not if you want to be taken seriously in the world of journalism... or anything at all with regard to communication!
What school did you attend? Lol!

pompombrum2767d ago

Well the beauty of the internet is it gives everyone a voice and you don't need to be an English major to be able to express your passion for gaming in words. Personally, I wouldn't take anyone seriously who would be so quick to discredit a piece of writing simply because it didn't meet their high grammar standards.

Drewidian2767d ago

"British English treats collective nouns (corporations, departments, etc.) as plural. American English treats them as singular. The size of the group is irrelevant."

I guess its relative to where you live.

Blues Cowboy2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

It's a UK site, though yeah, "it" reads better.

pheature2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

GGJ free games per month to keep forever? how big is your hard drive. Check.

Dedicated servers for all games? i could give you a list of games now that DO NOT have dedicated servers. Check.

Already superior and more stable network? yeah that is exactly why microsoft are keeping XBLG the way it is and not changing anything because PSN is not a threat. Chizeckm8

jackanderson19852767d ago

why would the size of ur hard drive matter? you can delete them after u've initially "purchased" them and redownload them at a later date once the Games for Gold has gone

MS are offering dedicated servers to all games on the xbox one (unsure if this will apply retrospectively to future games on the 360 if there is any) if the devs want them

not sure what the point is on the last one so i've no comment on that

pheature2767d ago

Well i thought once the free games where deleted from the hard drive you could not redownload them. if you're rite then Meh, majong and washout, not bad games to delete and go redownload at a later date eh?
microsoft dont offer dedicated servers TO ALL GAMES on the 360. its actually a wide varitey right now. and ofcorse you cant respond to the last comment because at the moment psn looks awesome. that is why ms are trying to upgrade there live.

Dirtnapstor2767d ago

I've got both current-gen systems and have never understood the argument as to why the Xbox is supposedly superior...uh, I can talk to my friends while playing a different game than what! Uh, more stable game servers... is that a Microsoft thing or a developer thing?
I've never seen or heard anything to lock down the idea that the 360 is superior. Preferences.
Xbone is getting notable crushed this time around. Fanboys have got to say something!
I'm sure both new systems will thrive. That needs to happen.

Bennibop2767d ago

Microsoft PR spin regards dedicated servers is ridiculous, Sony has been doing this since the launch of PS3 it was only EA and Activision driving things the other way! Microsoft trying to claim they have reinvented the wheel!

mikeslemonade2767d ago

Yep.. Resistance and Warhawk with no lag was amazing.

Kayant2767d ago

It's very easy..... Make it a rental like IGC which will allow them to give newer games & can start very early on XB1.

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