PlayStation 4 interest ahead in survey, Wii U trailing behind

Sony's console is riding high in surveys, but will that translate to sales?

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B-radical2773d ago

Anyone think ninetendo will release a new console mid gen?

darthv722773d ago

no. wii-u just needs those charming nintendo games.

Lionalliance2773d ago

It really needs more than that.

LOL_WUT2773d ago

Nintendo might cut that 5 year life cycle short for the WiiU and introduce a new system or they might give it another price cut. ;)

XboxFun2773d ago

That would really suck for anyone who bought a WiiU.
But I think with this new gen upon us we will start to see the WiiU shine. Especially now that next gen games are coming. No more ports of ps3/360 games for a next gen Nintendo console.

I think part of the reason WiiU isn't doing well was because it released too early. Who wants to buy a console and still play games that can be played on ps3/360 with hardly any difference in gameplay or design?

cellur1112773d ago

The WiiU is failing for many reasons and being released too early isn't one of them.

CaulkSlap2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

No. But that's what they should have done in 2010 to join the HD world. Wii U might have done decently if it had come out in time to get a load of 3rd party support. And technologically it easily could have come out then. Came out at an awkward time with no games and now the big consoles are releasing. Game over.

Nate-Dog2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

What? You mean people are more hyped and interested in a console that's just coming out which is at a decent price and looks (probably) like the best of the next-gen consoles going on hardware and the likely amount of first-party titles it'll have over its lifetime, and not in something that's already been out for a while and still seems to be at too high a price without enough games to really attract people? Well I sure am glad that we have surveys to point out information this valuable to us.

alphaomega882773d ago

"Still seems to be at too high a price without enough games to really attract people?"

...oh, the irony.

Nate-Dog2773d ago

I take your point, however the PS4 is only out so a lack of games is inevitable. The Xbox One has a good launch line-up however which I find surprising (since I usually expect few games out on launches), but it'll dry up after a couple of months and will stay dry on both consoles for a while I'd say.

alphaomega882773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I was actually referring to the rather negative tone in stating that the PS4(a system with very few unique games mind you), is somehow wanted more than a system that actually has quite a few games after a year, as if it was some kind of 'obvious' thing, based on a non-specific survey. The PS4, while it may have lots of hype out the gate, has realistically only a marginally better chance of doing better than the Wii U did in its first year.

Launch of Wii U: Zombie U, NSMBU, Nano Assault Neo
Launch of PS4: Killzone, Knack, Resogun

All I am saying is that I fail to see where the hype is after the initial hardcore that pick it up at launch is. Just as was true of the Wii U, lots of cross platform games that really offer nothing new that can't be had on systems they have, without dropping $400+. If anything the Wii U should be the wanted console, with at least a half dozen games in 2014 that you can't get anywhere else. As launches go(and as much as I really just despise Microsoft), they probably have the strongest launch of the three, if we are honest about it.

mysteryraz112772d ago

you are making excuses for the wii us ram, more ram in a console is a good thing it actually helps benefit pcs to,cause it pushes them farther as well,1 or 2 gigs is not much of a upgrade for a console, pcs dont work the same way as consoles they are not dedicated gaming devices,wii u doesnt even have online on some multiplats while other systems multiplats arent gimped liked the wii u

Metallox2773d ago

So how many people were polled then? Without numbers, this survey is pointless and incorrect.

Ol_G2773d ago

when there are more than 200 million consoles out there i don't think that number really reflects the whole community

ZeroX98762773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

well, the Wii U is really awesome when your 4 or 5 players in the same house. with only one system, you can enjoy a nice coop experience.

I bought the PS4 first, but with super smash, mario kart and mario 3d world coming out in a not so far future, I'll probably buy one eventually.

No need to hate the competition, just love more your console of choice.

wonderfulmonkeyman2773d ago

Well said and bubble up for you.

ssj4wolf2773d ago

i already have a 3ds and a ps vita so decided to get a wii u with my ps4 and all i can say is...........the worlds best gaming combo! the wii u is amazing!!!!!

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