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GodisaGeek: "When it works, Contrast is a beautifully executed vaudevillian tale of sadness and intrigue, but when it doesn’t, the frustrating glitches and awkward controls will drive you mad. Contrast is interesting, and something different, unique and new, and for that, I think it’s worth investigating for yourself, especially if you can see past the bad and get to the good."

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pheature2777d ago

no idea who reviews these games at time and i am astounded why some people would take there opinion on board.
they rate this game equal to killzone? well near enough.

makes no sense what so ever.
for originality i would give this game good scores but everything else about it is strikingly dull.
i am not even sure who the games audience is.

GodisaGeek2777d ago

We're confused, which Killzone are you talking about?

GrandTheftZamboni2776d ago

I played it a bit at the Sony store and it looks interesting. And pretty.

GodisaGeek2776d ago

It is interesting *and* pretty. Sadly it also has a fair amount of bugs and glitches.

FullmetalRoyale2776d ago

Flagged for trolling.

Go be butthurt about Killzone on a Killzone article. This game is free for PS4 ps+ users. IMO it looks fun and interesting. Your whining is so transparent. Just go play your game and have fun bro.

bomboclaat_gamer2777d ago

these games are horrible
its a good thing im only getting one game

battlefield 4 -__-

weak lineup