Ragnarok Online Remake Tree of Savior Gets an Official Trailer

Finally , The long awaited remake for Ragnarok Online gets its first trailer from the G-Star 2013 Event in South Korea and it seems like the artsyle is inspired by Dragon's Crown , One of the unique features that Tree of Savior Online has to offer is the massive amounts of playable classes which estimates to 80 in total which is Crazy at the moment !?
The first test is scheduled to start February 2014 .

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GrizzliS19872426d ago

il be the first to say Ragnarok made me the gamer i am today, and nothing was more competitive than trying to beat those dam archers in PVP! became ranked 1 as a Knight on a private server back in the day.

looking forward to this

3-4-52426d ago

Game looks Beautiful, good music too. Do I have to use a female character or is their choice?

Reborn2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

RO is still a fantastic game to this day.

Definitely made me enjoy gaming.

Feralkitsune2426d ago

Doesn't look like an RO remake...