Let's Talk: Next-Gen Controller Edition

"The next generation is upon us. If you’re a one system per generation kind of person, you’ve most likely decided which camp you’ll be sitting in for the next few years. Deciding on which system is right for you really just comes down to the games. Exclusives are still the backbone that help drive console sales. Applications, live-streaming, peripherals, etc. are all just icing on the cake. For Xbox One and PlayStation 4 though, they share many 3rd party games and have very similar features. These consoles are mad similar. Choosing how you access your content through your preferred controller is one of the major factors when deciding which console to purchase."

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DeathOfTheFanBoy2766d ago

Both look great, the 360 pad didn't need much improving apart from that insanely terrible D pad. The DS3 was awful in many regards, triggers, thumb sticks and size, all this looks like it has been addressed and I certainly look forward to getting my DS4.

Volkama2766d ago

One of us doesn't know what irony is. I hope it's you.

DCfan2766d ago

I was refering to his username, moron.