PS3 Fanboy hands-on: Siren: New Translation

PS3 Fanboy writes: "A Siren: New Translation demo hit the Japanese PSN last night. We've had the pleasure of downloading it, and you can too if you've got a Japanese PSN account. We've finished the demo, so if you can't get to playing it, you can read our thoughts on it right here.

First thing you'll notice is that the voice acting is in English for non-Japanese characters, just like in the trailer. The main menu is also in English, but the tutorial is all in Japanese. With the tutorial in a foreign language, it was tough figuring out a few things at first; however, we've gone through the hard parts, and hopefully this preview will provide enough insight to get you through the demo for yourself.

As you can imagine, we died a lot with trial and error. The combat was easy, just use square or R1 to make an attack; however, enemies are too powerful if you don't have a weapon. We tried straight up bare-fisted brawling with the zombies ... the game ended fatally. Now, what's interesting about the combat is that enemies can knock you down, leaving you vulnerable; to get back up you'll have to shake the controller violently (making good use of the SIXAXIS). Also, enemies can climb up on top of you; to get them off, simply shake the controller as done with the "getting up" motion."

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nutjuice3831d ago

of this game are like Uncharted quality

level 3603831d ago

Am downloading the demo version off the Japanese PS3 Store, will play it afterwards and add a few comments here later.

resistance1003831d ago

Forbidden Siren creeped the hell out of me, look forward to this one and hope it gets a US/EU release

level 3603831d ago

Have just finished playing the demo off the Japanese PS3 store and must say it was'nt frightening at all, not even close to Silent Hill's scary/creepy factor.
And the camera movement needs work, it's just too limited.
I felt quite disappointed with this demo version.
Most probably I'll just rent the game if it ever gets released over here in Australia.