Check Out The Full Recording of the PS4 All Access Launch Event

Sony Computer Entertainment just released the full video recording of the PS4 All Access Launch Event that just marked the release of the Japanese consumer electronics giant’s new and awaited consoles.

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JoGam2768d ago

Honestly... This has been my best launch in history. I really enjoyed the launch party. I'm so excited.

I wish you Xbox guys much happiness for your event come next Friday. The excitement you will have will be off the charts.

It feels great to be a gamer.

john4162768d ago

Thank you very much this is what we need more of instead of the xbox is gay or ps4 sucks


Uncharted announcement was great, The last Guadriand keeps on track and that's good news, on a side note this was more like PS4 ALL ADS, i did not enjoy the show.

s1lentone2768d ago

I thought Epic was going to announce something at the launch. What happen?

JoGam2768d ago

They cleared that up already. They wasn't.

first1NFANTRY2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

where's the super secret playstation franchise reboot game that retard jeff was hyping on about? what a jerk. all this to get views. last time i watch their show or visit their website. this guy is a complete joke and a pathetic shill. all that ad money you're getting for corporate hype won't be there when you die scum.

nevin12768d ago

Are you expecting him/Spike TV to hype the VGAs?

TheDivine2768d ago

Prob the MGS skin. Def underwhelming.

Godmars2902768d ago

The sense of overinflated hype the man generates is why I don't like the guy.

boneso822768d ago

I bet you watch their show and visit their website again... False promises young grasshopper!

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