Devil May Cry 4 New High-Res Screens

Dante and friends show off their stuff in these new screens.

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360madness4456d ago

not bad at betting this will not be a ps3 exclusive (just my opinion)

ChickeyCantor4456d ago

capcom already confirmt that they dont wanna be console exclusive.
they are planning multiplatform the games they make.
so i do think it will be on the 360.

shoota334456d ago

so if capcom is multiplatform that means lost planet for ps3.

ChickeyCantor4456d ago

it could why not?
its capcom who wants get rid of the exclusive thing.

kmis874456d ago

The ps3 version would come out months before the 360 version because it is so far along. The same goes for Lost Planet on the 360. However, when DMC5 and LP2 are in the pipeline, they will probably go simultaneous multiplatform like RE5.

ChickeyCantor4456d ago

dude, the EU isnt getting a PS3 till march so porting too the xbox 360 would not be a bad idea

PS360PCROCKS4456d ago

These look good but I'm pretty sure the last 2 pictures are the only in-game ones, but those look pretty good too