Fighter Within on Xbox One, Now With 60% Less Flailing

The verdict is it's a dramatic improvement on the Gamescom version. The game is far more responsive than it was in August, presumably as much a result of Microsoft's refinement of Kinect 2.0 as anything else. Punches feel almost instantaneous and even slower or more complex gestures like uppercuts and roundhouse kicks land reliably, if a moment after you've finished the movement

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GarrusVakarian2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

That still looks pretty unresponsive, responsiveness is a MAJOR factor in a fighting game, you need to be able to plan your next move as your current move is being can't do that if you have to wait half a second for your move to appear on screen. All i see is flailing, same as the off screen footage from months back. *Kicks in real life....half a second later the character kicks*.

Im sorry, but in my opinion from what ive seen so far.....this game looks like garbage.

mattdillahunty2774d ago

it's disappointing that the experience doesn't match this concept, because this is one of those true next gen experiences that i want consoles to deliver. meaning it's not just a bump up in graphics, but a new way to experience and interact with a video game.

the problem is its execution--it looks unresponsive, and the people playing it look kinda silly in their movements.

darthv722774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

it always seems odd when just watching these vids. i used to think kinect wasnt very good from the look of things until i actually tried it. once you use one and i mean really use one, it actually works.

From what i have read, this one is much more responsive. Im keeping an open mind but i reserve the right to be on the fence with this game. Have to play it myself to really know for sure.

nukeitall2774d ago


I think fighting game translates badly using any motion based system. Why?

You can't do backflips or hadokens or anything else, so that automatically makes you look silly.

I think a game like boxing, ala Punch Out, would have been fantastic with Kinect One or maybe fencing. I'm hoping someone will make one.

jackanderson19852774d ago

ive always been an advocate for the kinect (i've personally enjoyed it in quite a few games) but yeah this game needs to be destroyed now and never shown again... this alone would make u want to destroy the kinect

LonChaneyTV2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

they look like they're having fun.

Shadonic2774d ago

it seems like there depending too much on the one to one which really wouldnt work with a game similar to tekken like this. The kinect street fighter MOD has less lag than this and has a very very small delay that's only a couple of milliseconds at most. The game really needs some sort of stamina bar and a reduction on the exact one to one in game stuff. It could work for something like fight night but not this especially when 99% of the players are going to be playing like motorcycle punches McGee up there.

Graphics wise I wouldn't say it looks Garbage until I've seen it in person, still looks better than COD Ghost so its something >.>

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M-M2775d ago

Is the first clip Rihanna and Chris Brown?

Bigpappy2775d ago

When you use a gesture, you have to let it complete before you are allowed to start your next action. But punches are real time. The developer explain that they did this to allow for special moves that most people would not be able to pull of. Most previews that I have seen so far are positive. We will see reviews soon. I am expecting 6's and 7's instead of 1's and 3's out of 10. Good enough for casual fun. Great for kids.

GarrusVakarian2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Punches are definitely not real can plainly see that from the footage. There is a clear gap between the punch (or flail) and the punches on screen.

7's? No way. 4's and 5's is more realistic in my opinion.

Bigpappy2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I will wait for the reviews. What you are seeing here is from 2 different cams and the frame rate on said cams look very laggy. I am not saying your are wrong, but people who have played it, including the person the person who wrote the article, have a different opinion than you. I just prefer to go with them over you on this one.

What I would like to see, are to competitive people playing. People who had enough time to learn the full move set and timing.

nukeitall2774d ago

Perception of lag is also different with motion based games.

What you see and feel is very different things.

Even if the game was 100% real time, you would still feel laggy especially from videos, because gamers are trained to have instant reaction using buttons i.e. what happens in your brain is translated faster to you finger presses than your body can move.

That means, when you are playing it, you won't feel the lag, because your body has a higher tolerance for lag.

ps3vita4life2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

AC Black Flag reference at 0:05 for the third clip? Anyways, this game looks really bad. Not surprising though cause kinect sucks!

Godmars2902775d ago

The game looks good for the party game that it is, but that's it. Its clearly all but playing itself in some parts.

Those who want to praise it do so all you want, but just admit if only to yourself that this isn't going to be popular beyond non-gamers. That it will be quickly forgotten.

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