Good News About Kotaku's Once-Broken PS4...

Kotaku's malfunctioning PS4, the one we mentioned in our review of Sony's new console, has been fixed. It turns out that the fix was an easy one. We can now give you a clear run-through of what went wrong and what to look out for in what, at this point, seems like a fluke.

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Neonridr2423d ago

Glad to see it got fixed.

black0o2423d ago

so far every problem that was reported a fix was found easily .. some were just simple software bugs

UltimateMaster2423d ago

For sure we knew it could not be because of any overheating issues.
the console only generates 5 degree Celsius up to 20.

B-radical2423d ago

Hahah im wondering if the kid that streamed his problem has fixed his

Army_of_Darkness2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Here that people. You just have to poke it in correctly once and never pull out afterwards ;-)
if you want to play it safe that is.

gatormatt802423d ago

I can't believe he didn't look into that HDMI cable. Call me crazy but doesn't that defy common sense...

CramShaft2422d ago

@army I think you have that backwards. After you poke it in right you are supposed to pull out just to play it safe.

ErcsYou2422d ago

I noticed when I let others try out the my DS4 they wanted to plug in the usb at the wrong angle. The back of the DS4 is slanted just like the PS4 and some people naturally want to insert there plugs at a 90° angle. Simple mistake, just dont force it and you will be ok. 4hours and 50min left..

Army_of_Darkness2422d ago


Play it safe as in getting her(ps4) knocked up so she will never leave me!!!

wsoutlaw872422d ago

@ErcsYou Ya that sounds like it was the reason. They try to act like it came that way but that seems unlikely. I find it kind of funny that they didn't notice that there was a problem with the cable out that far and didnt take a look in there to see what it was. Hdmi ports always seemed fragile. You would think the guys at kotaku would know how to use an hdmi port and when its not going in all the way.

gaffyh2422d ago

First thing I would have done is check the HDMI port and the cable end to see why it wasn't going in all the way.

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NFGC2422d ago

finally a news worthy update

GribbleGrunger2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Simple fix, it's just a pity it happened.

black0o2423d ago

ppl are over reacting ... due the small size of the ps4

Riderz13372423d ago

The only ones overreacting are the people who don't even want to get a PS4. They just hope this news catches fire and scares people from purchasing a PS4. Not sure what they are getting out of doing something like this. I guess it just makes them happy to see the console they don't like fail.

2423d ago
static52452423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )



lol look at Avatar and u understand

n4rc2422d ago


Pot calling the kettle black from you huh? Take a look in the mirror Lol

As for the topic.. I'm glad it was nothing too serious.. Sh!t like that isn't good for anybody... Any real gamer wants all 3 to succeed even if some fans annoy you

Lykon2422d ago Show
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NegativeCreep4272423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

For some reason I don't think the Xbox fanboys are as relieved as everyone else about this news and this video.

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Langkasuka2423d ago

Kotaku's reviewers were with very excited hands. They got pins and needles handling their PS4 baby :3

AceBlazer132423d ago

wow it was all for nothing. ended up being nothing more than an accident.glad i didn't cancel. fate playing it's hand once again. let the greatest gen begin .

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