PlayStation 4 v Xbox One: Experts on next-gen battle

The release of the PlayStation 4 in North America - it goes on sale in Europe and Latin America in a fortnight - is seen by many as the true dawn for next-generation console gaming after the troubled launch of Nintendo's Wii U.

Early reviews of Sony's new machine have praised its graphics for looking "cinematic"; commended its latest DualShock controller's added touchpad and redesigned thumbsticks and triggers; and remarked that the console is much quieter and easier to navigate than the seven-year-old original PS3.

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TomShoe2774d ago

VVV Incoming Sh*tstorm below VVV

first1NFANTRY2774d ago

the show is over and sony didn't announce that special game that jeff a$$hole was hyping on about.

this guy is a complete fraud and a retard. he was just hyping up the show to get more views. pathetic shill.

ABeastNamedTariq2774d ago

I'm pretty sure he said GAMES, with an S, not just a game - that will define 2014 and beyond. While I'm thrilled for the new Uncharted... I expected at least one more announcement, lol.

What ever happened to that "second thing" Kojima was going to announce or whatever?

ABizzel12774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

I agree. They could have at least shown a clip of Uncharted, even if it was an island with a shadowy character.

They should have shown:

Destiny Beta
Drive Club (new build)
inFAMOUS: Second Son
MLB: 2014
Watch Dogs "Exclusive Content"
The Order (finally show something)
Uncharted Teaser (with some kind of in-game image)

That would have been enough, but NO blame Jeff.

obliteratorFTW2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Anand Shimpi, AnandTech

For the first time the guts of both the Xbox and PlayStation are very similar - their processor and memory hardware vary in performance but not capabilities. Gone are the days when Sony's machine was substantially more difficult to program for than Microsoft's. In fact, the PlayStation 4 has appreciably "MORE GRAPHICS HORSEPOWER" under its hood than the Xbox One, THERE's NO WAY AROUND THAT FACT". Both firms have licensed the same GPU (graphics processing unit) architecture, but Sony's chip has
1152 "cores" compared to Microsoft's 768. Microsoft runs its cores at a slightly higher speed, but the maths works out to Sony having about a
"40%" peak potential graphics performance

Hmmm. :) sorry but our experts here at N4g says there is no power difference.

Kingthrash3602774d ago

yeah the ps4 is gunna be the.................holy [email protected] contoller dust its 12:00!
fuuuuuuuuuuuuu this war!
time to go pick up a beer, redbull, cup-o noodles 12 pk and my ps4!

Rageanitus2774d ago

EXPERTS on next gen.
What are the qualifications lol to becoming an expert.

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