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The only thing that really matters when a new console comes out is the answer to the following question: what kinds of gaming experiences can the new consoles create that weren't possible on existing consoles? That's exactly what we asked a number of PS4 developers when we had a chance to meet with them (and play their games) at a recent preview event.

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GarrusVakarian2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Nothing but praise from the people who matter the most,the devs.

3 more hours until some new so tired.

Zuperman2778d ago

I hate how a lot of us are left out and have to wait till it hits midnight while these ....Journalist and some lucky people gets one so early!!

...ugh! :(

HelpfulGamer2778d ago

What Makes PS4 Stand Out? Japanese Launch Games! :D

Docknoss2778d ago

@Helpfulgamer bubble up, that was damn funny and slap in the face.

HelpfulGamer2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

don't be tired!

GarrusVakarian2778d ago

Not to worry, i just finished a cup of coffee and i feel like alert and ready for another 2 hours plus.

Hooray for fooling my body into feeling awake!

Pogmathoin2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Expect little from me this next few weeks. Luckily I work close to EB Games.... Will be able to sneak out and grab PS4 early.... Then stare at box till I get home.... Which is always a half day on Fridays! Perfect!

Edit: been a long wait, now that its almost time, I do not know what to be doing..... Never actually thought of the actual day.... Just kept thinking, almost there.... Almost there....

buynit2778d ago

Ok... Im not buying a ps4 for doki doki.. Only one that matter imo is ground zero and the guy that talked about tge share feature.

More power to you if you looking forward to those indie games..

BitbyDeath2778d ago

Argument is flawed, all devs start out as indie.

buynit2778d ago

How the hell is my argument flawed?! Im not looking forward to doki doki or any other game that those devs are working on but like I said if thats what you are buying your ps4 for thwn more power to you.

I would much rather hear the opinions of tye devs that are making the games that im buying tye console for.

BitbyDeath2778d ago

Sounded like you were lumping all indies together as bad but maybe I am mistaken.

buynit2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Oh i am lumping all indies together for sure, like i said im not buying the console for those kind of games. Now im not saying they are bad either i have enjoyed some indie games i just dont think that they are going to be the ones to define what console truly is best to dev for or the ones to tell or show its full potential..