The Light Gun…I Miss You

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''The light gun is something I miss quite dearly. Its time has come and gone and in its place we now have the likes of Playstation Move, Wii Motes and Kinect. But all of these lack a certain something. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but the modern day equivalents to the light gun seem to be missing the charm and feel of a true light gun. Of course, light guns showed their true worth in the days of the arcade with titles such as Time Crisis and House of the Dead. Both games offered a fantastic video game experience as well as the social aspect of a busy arcade.''

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MisfitsInc2777d ago

i was pretty satisfied with the PS Move perfect shot for House of The Dead

thereapersson2777d ago

I still pull out my copy of Time Crisis 4 every now and then. FPS mode was quite unique at the time...

Army_of_Darkness2777d ago

PS move with games like House of the dead: overkill, resident evil: chronicles and killzone 3 are awesome experiences! especially with a Gun attachment!

thereapersson2777d ago

Honestly, that's always what I wanted with the Move; a more precise gun mechanic with arcade shooters. GunCon had it for years but nothing was really next-gen until this came out.

bacrec12777d ago

I Enjoyed Ghost Squad on Wii.

Jag-T10002777d ago

The light gun was awesome. Just point and shoot. You didn't have to move the crosshair to your target and then shoot. Man, I wish someone would bring back the light gun.