Respawn Offers an Up-Close Look at the Atlas Titan Statue in Titanfall Collector’s Edition

I don’t know about you but I love collector’s editions, and while Titanfall‘s edition will set me back $249.99, it does come with a rather impressive large statue that just sweetens the deal.
Don’t believe me? Just check out Respawn’s latest video that takes a closer look at the 20-inch statue, which portrays a Titan robot with a soldier on its back and various other “grunts” on the ground. The battery-operated statue features LED lights and each model is individually numbered.

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HelpfulGamer2775d ago

I want Japanese Special Titanfall Anime OVA!

gamesR4fun2774d ago

that sounds cool and won't cost us 250 large

seriously nice figurine but at the price I have ta pass

Double_O_Revan2775d ago

Damn! That thing is impressive.

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