Hacking the PS4′s facial recognition by creating a universal login key

A lesser known feature of the PS4 is that if the PlayStation Camera is connected, you can log into a user account via facial recognition.

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M-M3373d ago

That's pretty funny, but seriously XboxFun stop trying to downplay the PS4 for no apparent reason lol. I'm pretty sure this can be done with a lot of facial recognition tech, including the Xbox One.

XboxFun3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

Huh? Downplaying the ps4? How am I downplaying the PS4?

GribbleGrunger3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

So for security reasons, people better not log in using an iron man mask or any other mask for that matter, because someone could then use an iron man mask to gain access to your system ...

I think I'm losing the will to live.

DragonKnight3373d ago

I have to agree with XboxFun on this one. I don't think he's trying to downplay the PS4. If you read the article, it took considerable effort to fool the facial recognition which is actually a plus for the PS4.

ziggurcat3373d ago

"How am I downplaying the PS4?"

by submitting an obvious troll article in a desperate attempt to drum up negativity.

Oner3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

@ DragonKnight ~ He is absolutely trying his best to drum up negativity and downplay anything PS4 related.

On topic ~ the funny thing is this (totally not a hack) "hack" would be used by someone who ACTUALLY wants to have a universal login...thus making this a non-issue for those who wouldn't use this "hack" as it doesn't affect them. Hell in theory the same should work for the Xbone & Kinect 2.0...but I bet you wouldn't see him submit that "news".

nosferatuzodd3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

well we all know xbox fun is troll look at all his comment awhile ago al;l he talk about how great xbox is and how everything else sucks

DragonKnight3373d ago

I'm not denying that XboxFun is a troll, but if you read the article there really isn't anything too negative in it. They had to work hard to fool the camera and I think that that's a good thing.

I mean, you can probably say the same thing about the Kinect in the future so I doubt this is an isolated thing, but there are far worse things XboxFun could post to try and downplay the PS4.

You guys know that I've had my run ins with XboxFun before, I'm just saying that he (she?) didn't really do any damage here.

cyclindk3373d ago

What if you accidentally glued such a mack to your face and now this is what your face looks like permanently??

This happened... to a friend of mine...

badz1493373d ago

aside from just having some fun, who would be DUMB enough to actually use a mask for login purposes? Even Tony Stark himself would open the mask for god sake and so do other superheroes with mask according to recent movies!

oh wait...I think I hacked my laptop fingerprint identification too. I didn't use all my fingers during registration but instead each and everyone in my family had their index finger scanned so all of us can use it to login! yea...NOT!

Ju3373d ago

Seriously you guys. Are we a little bit sensitive these days? I thought that was hilarious.

UltimateMaster3372d ago

"So for security reasons, people better not log in using an iron man mask or any other mask for that matter, because someone could then use an iron man mask to gain access to your system ...

I think I'm losing the will to live."

Don't let the NSA get to you.

XboxFun3372d ago

I'm trying to downplay anything related to PS4?

Yup, you guys caught me red handed. I knew an article like this would severely cripple the PS4 and change everyone's decision on purchasing a PS4.

I said to myself:

"Wow, here's a fun little article of these tech guys having some fun with the PS4's camera. I bet if I submit this to N4G it will topple the console war in Xbox One's favor."

Then I threw on a viscous smile, stroked my evil hairless cat and manically laughed as I submitted this life threatening article about the PS4.

I may favor the Xbox but I'm not like a lot here (Maria!!) who's only purpose is to post negative articles about a console.
You fanboys need to calm down.

@ Dragon
I can't even believe that you are the only one here with common sense to know this article has nothing to do with any attempt at downplaying the PS4.

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Studio-YaMi3373d ago

Dat Iron-man nose/stache though .. LOL worthy! xD

Godmars2903373d ago

Wouldn't this only work if someone actually used a mask in the same way someone would set a combination lock to "111"?


Not necessarily, but I believe the point was that someone could gain access to another's account with (like in the article's example, a picture which happened to be displayed on a tablet held in front of the camera) someone else's pic. They were simply suggesting to heed Sony's disclaimer and to not use this feature as a level of security, to which I would agree.

iamnsuperman3372d ago

True but this isn't used as a security measure (as they say an ease of access thing). I assume payment details..... Are still password protected


@Iamnsuperman - I know, I was agreeing and just echoing what I read in the article, or am I misunderstanding?

DigitalRaptor3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

Yes, because this makes more sense than logging in.... with your face.

The purpose this feature was designed for..

GreenRanger3373d ago

I have to get a new helmet...

Retroman3373d ago

Thor have one he dont use you can borrow (lease in the movies he dont)

GreenRanger3373d ago

@ nevin1
Yeah, with the head still in it.

SpinalRemains1383373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

Rocky Dennis is screwed.

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