Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Xbox One Footage VS 360

WhatIfGaming made this amazing video comparing Xbox One to 360. EPIC watch. 720P

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mitford2864d ago

man its taking ages to buffer

mitford2864d ago

still buffering nearly an hour on and upto 4:14,

kingcasper2864d ago mj8 << is the video on youtube... the site is pretty bad aye

kingcasper2864d ago

yea this site is basically broken..takes 10 minutes to load just the another 30 minutes.. ive uploaded the exact same video here..

next time use youtube whatifgaming!

BattleTorn2864d ago

What resolution is the Xbox One version?

kingcasper2864d ago

no one can 100% say yet.. but judging by that 720p video the xbox one version looks brilliant and i dont care at all what it is.. it looks great so im pleased enough

mitford2864d ago

the video wasn't the best quality but you can see the difference between the two

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