GameSpot reviews Battle of the Bands

If you've ever spent time forwarding goofy things you found on the Internet to your friends, you probably remember the bluegrass version of Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice" that was a staple of the file-sharing community in the late '90s. Hearing The Gourds warble about the life of a West Coast gangsta was immensely entertaining -- and the song wasn't half bad, either. Planet Moon Studio, which may have been influenced by that song, took the concept of different styles of bands performing the same song and turned it into the game Battle of the Bands. Unfortunately, the great ideas stopped with the music because the gameplay isn't particularly good. As a result, you'll probably enjoy hearing the game's crazy versions of popular songs more than you will enjoy playing the game itself.

The Good:
* Country, rock, hip-hop, Latin, and marching band versions of popular songs
* Music player lets you listen to the game's soundtrack and switch genres on the fly.

The Bad:
* Gameplay quickly becomes repetitive
* Playing more than a few songs in a row can cause physical discomfort
* Some may be offended by story mode's stereotypes.

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