PlayStation 4 won't show Trophies when you're offline, still requires sync

The PlayStation 4 will not allow users to look at their Trophies or Friends lists when the console is offline, Polygon has learned using a retail unit received for review purposes.

The PS4 still doesn't sync Trophies in the background — every time you load up your list of virtual accomplishments, the console takes a moment to sync with Sony's servers.

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Savantcore1860d ago

They neglect to mention that Trophy synchronisation takes a plum total of two seconds on the PS4. Other than that it seems like a silly oversight. Easily patched, sure, but Sony's firmware team are clearly snowed under.

pyramidshead1860d ago

Already been debunked. Shill site gonna shill

creatchee1860d ago

As long as it's not as bad as PS3 Trophy Sync - that was ridiculous.

DevilishSix1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

It disappoints me that a sync is required, but I get it. Trophies have to be synced because you have PS3, PS4, and Vita and all those have to sync up to capture all the trophies in total for the gamer. But it seems that the PS4 should be able to do this in the background with its OS. I guess it will get patched. Hell if you can play a game in 30 seconds while its still downloading gigabytes of info, the console is capable of syncing in background. Right?

KrisButtar1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

This is BS, what a piss off.

Edit: if you earn trophies for a month offline, will every trophy you earned in different games that month sync up or just your current game?

Edit2: Seems like a broken system if only the current game trophies will be synced and not the rest of the games over that month offline

Apocalypso1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Any trophy earned offline stays earned but will not show up on your profile until you sync it with online servers.

Just like PS3, just like PSVita, your BS piss off is unwarranted.

As mentioned above, the sync is necessary because your PSN is linked to multiple machines. Yes the sync is annoying, but it should be much quicker on PS4 and I'm assuming will sync daily via the PSPlus feature. I'm sure a patch to background sync is in the works as well, or will be, because this time around Sony is really listening to their consumers.

Edit: a word

KrisButtar1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Oh the way I read the article, it seemed like it did not work like the PS3 does. I don't mind how the my PS3 does it. The way the article went on, it seemed like I would lose earned trophies because they couldn't sync.

Edit: bubble up helpful

ShinMaster1860d ago

Not true. All Trophies sync.

And it takes literally like 3 seconds.

bromtown1860d ago

Simply, all trophy data (inc. any trophies gained offline) is stored on the console and when the console can establish a connection with the PSN, the trophies will be synced to your account.

Just like on the XBox 360, you get achievements offline, you connect to XBL and they're on your account.

CynicalKelly1860d ago

Bit silly but I doubt it will go long before they release a patch to fix it.

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