Look At How Lag-Free Killzone: Shadow Fall Looks Via Remote Play Over The Internet

One user, Vazzaroth, over at YouTube demonstrated that he had no problems using the Remote Play feature practically outside his home. He showed himself playing Killzone: Shadow Fall on his PlayStation Vita at work connected to a "middle speed corporate WiFi" whereas the PlayStation 4 was connected to the router at home via the ethernet cable.

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andyboy132422d ago

I'm guessing this looks much better in person... There are some really weird frame rate things going on with the camera. At first I thought it was remote play failing, but his fingers have some serious ghosting as well when they move...

MajorAly2422d ago

Yeah the guy stated that anything that is happening with the visuals is because it was recorded with a phone camera and looks impressive in real life with very rare glitch and even those pass quickly and are barely noticeable.

Baylex2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

With the vita you have the PS4 wherever you want right?? But now imagine if the Vita had HDMI out!!! You only needed to take the hdmi cable with you and you could play your PS4 on any TV!! That would be like... genius!!

I know there is the PSVita TV.. but it doesn't have a screen.. so it isn't portable.. but the vita could be both..

kneon2422d ago

Anytime you record a video stream with a camera things will look odd. You either would need them to be perfectly in sync (not going to happen) or record at a much higher frame rate than the source video.

ThanatosDMC2421d ago

Legit compared to those fake PS3 Remote Play videos of Red Dead and whatever else.

Mikelarry2421d ago

Those were not fake but hacked PS vita

FamilyGuy2421d ago

Lmao you need to be enlightened on the custom firmware/hacked console scene. Nearly every PS3 game can be remote played, just not officially.

ThanatosDMC2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Nope, tried it and didnt work. I sacrificed a fatty for that.

Not a single working one. Heck, you cant even find a video of one for more than a few minutes which could just be a video being played on the Vita.

Btw, it's suppose to be a hacked PS3 and CF Vita.

FamilyGuy2421d ago

FINALLY, I been waiting all day for someone to test this and make a video.

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mi_titan272422d ago

I've often tried this with other games and features on PS3 can't seem to connect, whats the trick?

Mikelarry2422d ago

its all about opening the right ports. mine worked best when i assigned both my ps3 and vita a static ip and opening the necessary ports on my router.

mi_titan272421d ago

I'm pretty tech savy, but when it comes to ports i get with ps4 it will be much easier

ltachiUchiha2422d ago

Well its the ps4 & vita were built to be companions. They go hand n hand, this is why i believe the vita will take off in sales because the ps4 with the vita is just an awesome combination. Great video.

Toon_Link2422d ago

Looks good especially considering its not local wifi. My wife will definitely get some use out of this from her work and ill probably use this on thanksgiving from my parents house!

badkolo2422d ago

thats good news, i always stressed how important remote play is and im glad killzone runs smoothly

SirBradders2422d ago

Im a happy bunny especially with 4g about to become mainstream here in the uk. I think its the start of something kl now my idea of a gaming cafe became more real.

kneon2421d ago

I think you'll find it hit or miss with 4G. While the speed is fast you're still going to typically see 50-100 ms of extra lag, and as much as a few 100ms when things are congested. By Comparison WiFi should only add around 10ms or less.

SirBradders2421d ago

My mate got 33ms ping last and around that mark quite frequently so though i appreciate your comment your way off.

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