Sony’s Managers Disguised as Regular Gamers at Trade Shows to Check Out Games to Bring on PS4

Sony Computer Entertainment has been fishing, but its reps haven’t been throwing the bait and sinker into a lake to catch some fishes. They have been sneaking around show floors looking to “fish” games for the PS4, as explained by Switchblade Monkeys President Yousef Mapara, currently working on Secret Ponchos.

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blackbeld2777d ago

Nice! They are going stealth mode.

JoGam2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Jeff Rubenstein.

OhReginald2777d ago

ha jeff will be a double agent for sony.

abzdine2777d ago

Kaz disguized i'd spot him miles away

i like they are asking gamers about what they want on PS4!!!

Calvin_ISA2777d ago

Please, Sony, put Next Car Game on the PS4. PUBLISH ITTTTTTTTTTT!!!

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Honest_gamer2777d ago

Totally irrelevant but where can i watch the spike event, is it on at 4am uk time, and how long is it on for.

2777d ago
LOGICWINS2777d ago

Its on for one hour on TV, but I suspect they'll stretch it out and continue it online.

JoGam2777d ago

In the US, download the app Live Events Viewer from the PS Store and pre-order the event.

maddskull2777d ago

you can watch it in the playstation blog or
or playstation twitch

Omegasyde2777d ago

You can watch from your PS3 on the live events viewer app for free.

Note: you can also get ufc fights via the viewer for 45$.

Blackdeath_6632777d ago

playstation Ustream always works the best i'm not sure why but maybe because its a big company they get priority or something it only usually lags were there is an issue on their side

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-Gespenst-2777d ago

That's really deceitful behaviour. Hate these kinds of corporate machinations.

brometheos2777d ago

So because Sony wants to help indie devs through the difficulty of getting their game on a console, they are deceitful corporate machines?

Enemy2777d ago

Lol what? They're actually helping indie developers like this. Not like what Microsoft did, hiring their own employees to cheer them on at E3 when no one else would.

Your comment just proves you don't know what this story is about.

ziggurcat2777d ago

dat butthurt xbox fanboy logic

Enemy2777d ago

^ Don't say butthurt around here, bro. I was banned for simply stating the obvious.

Godmars2902777d ago

Its the opposite of having an audience applauding at your own presentations.

ThatArtGuy2777d ago

So, major league scouts sitting in the stands looking for talent are being deceitful and part of a corporate machination?

Um, okay.

Pintheshadows2777d ago

Erm...I think you might have the wrong end of the stick.

Blackdeath_6632777d ago

why can't everyone be happy? i can't see the down side to this its a win win for everyone indie devs get a fast track onto a big platform getting more recognition and making more money, sony get more games on their service and gamers get more choice. no one is being deceived

-Gespenst-2777d ago

lol woops. I probably should have read the article. I thought Sony were sending out pr people disguised as gamers to promote playstation games at expos and stuff. You know, like getting people really hyped and stuff.

Still, I wish these corporate types would refrain from prowling around looking for Indies to absorb. The only reason they're doing it is because their own big triple-A companies with their big stupid games are out of ideas. They need some stuff to steal from actually passionate creators and artists. Indie developers shouldn't fall for the "charms" of these business-minded shapeshifting parasites.

hokis4ever2777d ago

Did you seriously read the article? I think it's best you re-read it.

KetchupBlood2777d ago

*Facepalm*... sigh... Re-read the article, and at best, read and understand.

Godmars2902777d ago

More like they can't afford to put AAA budgets behind new ideas.

And its not stealing. More like going into an auto show looking like a bum instead of a mogul.

Scatpants2777d ago

So you would rather indies not get publishing backing or advertising, yeah you're probably right thats better for them.

-Gespenst-2777d ago

@hokis4ever and BNS94: Uh, yeah, I read it this time. Is that not obvious? Don't tell me you think this "casual" look they're going for wasn't totally a "power of suggestion" thing on the part of their management? It's totally a ruse to lure in these indies. They dress up in a down-to-earth fashion, but it's still gonna be the same corporate bs. I'm sorry but you'd have to be pretty simple to not see that. Simple marketing technique. Their appearance is certainly a calculated effort. Most indie developers are suspicious of the industry and rightfully so, this is a way to trick them into thinking it's not as bad as it seems.

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ltachiUchiha2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Metal Gear Sony Snake Style Lol. Wonder if any of them tried using a cardboard box to sneak around. I love how sony is trying to give gamers what they want, good job on them. As a consumer its why ive always loved the playstation brand. All three gens of playstation have always brought amazing gaming experiences. They just have the best new exlusives every gen.

Scatpants2777d ago

So in other words they're wearing normal clothes rather than their bright orange Sony manger jumpsuits.

NateCole2777d ago

But orange is the new black.

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