More evidence Live Anywhere reaching Zune?

Digging through the source code of a curious mole stumbled upon an intriguing line of code that referenced the production domain: ""

Perhaps it's just lazy (copy/paste) coding, as a Generation Zune commenter points out --'s source has the same line of code, with "xbox" instead of "zune" -- but why wouldn't Zune feature Gamercard compatibility? That Zune will be part of the Live Anywhere network has been rumored before, and there's no good reason to believe it won't.

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2tired2day2hate4457d ago

id be very surprised if the zune didnt have gamertag capabilities.

Balance4457d ago

if it does that would be awsome, because then it should have the friends and messaging features. it would be really cool to be able to do those 2 things from the zune. would sell me for sure.

Marriot VP4457d ago

Yah Zune will of course have Live Anywhere, cell phone and other peripherals already do.

PS3n3604457d ago

Sony should be doing more to integrate psp with PS3. I have a psp already. It seems that they are really overlooking a huge advantage it could have over MS. I suppose the weakness of their online strategy is holding them back. It would be funny if MS dominated this aspect of connectivity with a unit that does less than a psp. If you can call the psp a game machine I know I dont use it for games cause it sucks. Great for watchin videos on the plane though.

Marriot VP4456d ago

didn't you see E3 with Sony, they put the PSP as a rear view in's ridge racer

haha, will that gimmic satisfy you

The BS Police4457d ago

Just another reason to buy this!

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