AMD Announces 2 New APU’s – Beema and Mullins

HardwarePal : Two new ultra low powered APU’s were announced in San Jose by AMD, going by the names “Beema” and “Mullins”. It seems AMD wants to go head-to-head with not only Nvidia (in the GPU field), but also Intel in both the CPU and Mobile market.

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HelpfulGamer2767d ago

I demand R9 290X in the next APU ! :D

ATiElite2767d ago

Sure I guess you got like $500 to spend just for a APU that would be the size of a Golf Ball if not bigger and require 250w.

That wouldn't work well in Tablets and Laptops.

I'm just saying!

ATiElite2767d ago

Further explaining this, AMD stated that the APU is a successor and an “evolution” of the Jaguar architecture.

So the Jaguar Cores in the XB1/PS4 are now outdated! Well that didn't take long!

I'm just saying!

GamersRulz2766d ago

These APUs are aimed at the ultra low power market. they are way weaker than the modified Kaviri APU on PS4.

L0Lcano2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )


L0Lcano2766d ago

Thats pretty obvs. The ps4/xbone cpus are tailored for low power consumption while the kaveri apus are going to be using steamroller architecture with higher watt parts (95w /125w) i believe.

Still though, I believe the low cpu power on next gen is not good but they are betting on compute tasks on the gpu to remedy that. I think this unified approach is the future but sadly amd is really lacking in core cpu performance. They need to really rewrite their cpu architectures but not in a position to invest in this now