Mass Effect: The Fate of the Galaxy

From the article - So, N7 Day was last Thursday and it came along with a special gift for all of Mass Effect fans: we could get to see the very first image of what will become –soon enough, we hope- the fourth console installment of the franchise.

The game is all about cycles, the ripple effect and the everlasting battle against extinction, but not only human extinction; it is extinction in a whole new scale, and the redefinition of the concept of life.

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linkenski1802d ago

The author apparently doesn't see where the ending falls apart.

user95970821802d ago

Im still a firm believer in the "reaper indoctrination" theory.

LonChaneyTV1802d ago

I've tried them all, synthesis for me.

gillri1802d ago

Best gaming trilogy ever

AKS1802d ago

"Reapers: another fully synthetic race."


pandehz1802d ago

My reaction to that line: O.O

Author that's just incorrect.