Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Multiplayer Interview

Guerrilla Games Lead Designer Eric Boltjes details the Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer experience on PS4 in this exclusive interview.

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GarrusVakarian1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

This is the part of KZ SF im most eager for and is the main reason im buying it. Too much focus on the SP in my opinion, MP is where its at for this game.

Nitrowolf21896d ago

from myunderstanding, most of the reviews if not all are based on the SP and the NMP they barely touched due to the amount of time they had

GarrusVakarian1896d ago

Talk about not giving a game a fair trial. I bet most of those review scores would be higher if they had actually played the MP.

PoSTedUP1896d ago

yeah everyone was praising the MP when they got their hands on it, it should be crazy as hell. so cant wait, its Killzone... K-i-l-l-Z-o-n-e!

DA_SHREDDER1896d ago

nothing said about operations mode? man i loved that about kz3, that and the mechs and jet packs, the new vehicles look sick, cant wait to get my ps4 tommorow.

Majin-vegeta1896d ago

I think i member reading that there will be no operations mode at launch but they might bring it back later on.

mxrider21991896d ago


soljah1896d ago

guys watch this video. alot of good info given that i have not read about in any of the press reviews.