Games for Gold programme extended to Xbox One

Major Nelson writes: "Great news: Access to free games each month is coming for Xbox Live Gold members on #XboxOne – Details coming later in 2014."

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Abash2775d ago

Awesome, free games is why I love PlayStation Plus. Nice to see MS doing the same with Xbox Live, finally!

P0werVR2775d ago

The joys of competition.

OlgerO2775d ago

Late 2014? why not now ?

bobsmith2775d ago

I might actually consider xbone now.
All I need nows a 400 dollar kinectless bundle with forza 5 when halo 5 is almost out.

AngelicIceDiamond2775d ago


Hopefully Ryse and Deadrising will be up for download free 6 months down the line.

This is great news, and news that MS absolutely had to make to stay competitive.

RAGE912775d ago


Probably not enough games MS deem worthy of giving away for free

But this is good news for Gamers on X1, seeing as sony are doing great with PS+

Omegasyde2775d ago


Now the next question is, will there be a new tier of Xbox live? I.e. Silver, Gold, Platinum (free rentals)?

Omegasyde2775d ago

^^^^Also to be perfectly honest.

PS+ and XBL had NOTHING on SEGA Channel for the SEGA genesis.

30+free Genesis games and selection would often rotate. Granted the service was 30$ a month, but well worth it.

darthv722775d ago

Sweet. i just renewed so im covered till Nov 2014.

Double_O_Revan2775d ago

@ OlgerO
"Late 2014? why not now ?"

Because there are no games at least 4 years old for the Xbox One to give away. /s

gaffyh2775d ago

Remember to thank Sony, Xbox only owners. :)

malokevi2775d ago

Nice. Not that I need free games, but it's certainly a nice perk. I'll have both consoles, and a litany of free games! yayyy rampant consumerism!

Gazondaily2775d ago

It's not late 2014, it's later in 2014.

n4rc2775d ago

Why later? The same reason you aren't seeing AAA games on PS+ either...

The free game model is awesome.. But it only comes into play after initial sales have finished.. Games need to hit 9-12 months before they can be offered up for free

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dazzrazz2775d ago

It would be nice if they also step up for those subscribers with a little bit recent content because so far they been giving away really old games

zerogotit2775d ago

Yea. Itll be really dumb if we get games like crackdown for the xbox one lol

Abash2775d ago

Well they have to be recent because the Xbox One cannot play Xbox 360 games, they have to be Xbox One games that are free

redwin2775d ago

I think we are missing the big picture. This means backward comparability ?

VENOMACR12272775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Sorry but giving away REAL full games like Halo or even Crackdown, that's pretty good. I don't want free indie games or a free arcade game. Plus the nice thing with these games is you get to keep them, they are yours. Download to your hard drive and your all set.

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Ausbo2775d ago

yeah well hopefully they aren't old crappy games like they have now. Almost all the games they come out with are like 5 years old and i already have them

Bzone242775d ago

I'm not sure if you know but the Xbox One is releasing in a week. Xbox One doesn't have backwards capabilities, so there isn't really a possible way for games to be very old let alone 5 years old. Maybe 5 years down the road but not now.

pyramidshead2775d ago

Now this is the fruit that comes from the loins of competition my friend ;).

AngelicIceDiamond2775d ago

MS should plug this in the ads for next year. With gold you get free games as well as a rich online experience.

People will BUY $$$$$.

Dread2775d ago

PS Plus does not give you free games they are rented.

On the other hand, the free games with gold you can keep even if you choose to not renew the gold susbscription.

Either way, I agree that this is great news.

WeaseL2775d ago

"Access to free games" sounds like there going with the way Sony is doing it.

KingDadXVI2775d ago

This is great. First they announced that it would continue for the 360 so I will keep collecting them on that and I will also be able to do it on my Xbox One.

@OlgerO. This is the Xbox One. They need to have games to give away for free first. The 360 games will not play on the Xbox One.

I would expect that the first games will probably be cheapies until there is a build up in the Xbox One library but it is still a good thing to have happen.

FamilyGuy2775d ago

Lol @ "later 2014", as in not even the first half of 2014 before we even HEAR more about their plans.

It's nice to know it's coming, it's just clear to see that they aren't willing or ready to hand out new games for free right away like Sony is. Not even lower content versions like with DriveClub.

Announcing that "information is coming" this far in advance is just a desperate grasp for attention coming within 24 hours of the PS4 launch.

RepMinBullMooseIsDem2775d ago

"Later IN 2014" is not the same as "late 2014". I wouldn't expect it to be any later than Memorial Day 2014.
I agree with your second statement.
They should have announced it earlier but I don't know what Microsoft is doing.

Obscure_Observer2775d ago


So true! Thanks Sony! ^ ^

assdan2775d ago

IT's still not as good. And I thought games for gold was a given that it was on xbox one.

come_bom2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I love competition.

Smart move by Microsoft. Give some competition to Sony. Now if only Nintendo could join the fight... and then there is the Steam Box in 2014 to give even more competition.

Infamous2982775d ago

Microsoft is following sony's step... in a good way.

Ps4Console2774d ago

They are doing it on the Xbox 360 they started in the summer .

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Kayant2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Great news for XB1 gamers. Never expected it to be announced so soon. I wonder how it will work on XB1 since games will still be quite pricey. Competition is indeed great :)

Edit - Access might mean it might work like IGC?? which is a good thing IMO.

NYC_Gamer2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

This damn good news and adds value for gamers with gold on X1

AngelicIceDiamond2775d ago


MS imo already delivered in value with X1.

Now if MS updates their free games with gold with that of recent titles that get released and they're yours to keep even if you decide to cancel your gold like it is on 360 then MS can truly state they're overly delivering on value.

LOGICWINS2775d ago

That would be a helluva marketing statement if you could keep your games even if you cancel Gold. I think thats what they're going to do.

LOGICWINS2775d ago

Good news. Love competition. More free stuff when I get my XB1!

GiggMan2775d ago

I agree. I hope it's full of goodies by the time I get mine.

ELCUCO2775d ago

Geez I was jk. Sensitive bunch

GodGinrai2775d ago

yh, humour dont work around here. lol..I lost a bubble like that once, I think.