Insomniac Games Artist Seeking Help After Hit And Run Car Accident

Ana Kessel is an interning artist at Insomniac Games who was recently involved in a car accident. She suffered severe injuries and is currently seeking financial help on

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Sevir1794d ago

That's just horrible that she lost both her legs! Boy I tell you. Donating** and keeping her and her fam in her prayers

Seraphim1794d ago

it actually states leg, not legs... still, traumatic injury to go through. I have a friend who lost his leg in an accident and he struggled with it for years before finally accepting and finding a solid prosthetic he could use. Surely she'll be ok but it's a long road she faces. Sad Story.

MeteorPanda1794d ago

holy hell, that's terrible. l donated what l could, hopefully she see's the humor one day in the fact every games developer and gamer always say they'd rather lose their legs then their don't need your feet to play games!

Ace_Pheonix1794d ago

Unless for some reason you're really into Dance games... or racing sims.

1nsomniac1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

What!? Seriously!?

My cousin was in a hit & run 2 weeks ago outside his front door after returning home after 6 months abroad working in Iraq my aunty, his wife's first sight of him in 6 months was collecting/picking up his disfigured body lying on their doorstop. He was in intensive care for the first week & 4 days ago he has surgery to reconnect his jaw & reassemble his eye socket. Neither of which went well, does anybody want to donate to me/him??

No? Didn't think so, I wouldn't dare expect people to either. Especially earning the amount of money this dev probably earns. It's actually pretty disgusting if u ask me!!

Nujabes_1794d ago

So because your cousin didn't get any help this means no one has the right to? This is ridiculous.

1nsomniac1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

No not at all, my point is that this women earns an absolute mint working as a AAA game developement studio yet she's asking others to pay for her.

My cousin & my family our paying for it themselves I can understand if people are tight of money & unable to pay but im just saying it's a little cheeky if your in a position like hers although I admit i dont know the full details
I was a bit rash with my comment - shes only an intern I dont know how much she gets paid. At the time it annoyed me but still there's something about it that just doesnt sit right with me. it seems because she worked for a certain company shes entitled to it, would the same people who donated to her also donate to me cousin, I dont think they would...

OrangePowerz1794d ago

Sorry to hear about your cousin.

I don`t know how it is in America but here interns don`t earn anything or very little. You could question why Insomniac doesn`t pay the bill, but I wouldn`t say it`s disgusting on the part of the person who got into the hit and run who is left with a large medical bill because of the way the health system works in America.

Every person can setup a donation on the website to seek help.

sunnygrg1794d ago

I don't know if she got paid for interning at Insomniac but because she was just there over the summer, she wasn't eligible for any medical benefits, hence this campaign.

My thoughts to her and her friends and families.

MeteorPanda1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

oh come now, there's no need to wish bad luck on someone else due to another's misfortune, sad as your story is however :<

if you read the article...she's an intern, chances are she's not being paid and is fresh out of college/uni looking for work.

sergons1794d ago

working in Iraq? I can imagine what type of work it was....

Belking1794d ago

Its says she is an intern. That doesn't exactly mean she is a paid one. Get a grip dude.

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wishingW3L1794d ago

this is a dupe

For a momment I thought I was going crazy because I was like, "I already read this...".

Nujabes_1794d ago

The report button exists for a reason, you know.

WeAreLegion1794d ago

Double story, but I'm ok with this one getting more exposure. We need to keep donating!

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