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Once again Guerrila did what it knows best: a game with fantastic graphics, a fascinating narrative and gameplay with highs and lows.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is a competent shooter you would like to try on PlayStation 4, although some flaws prevent it from becoming a killer app for the console.

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G20WLY2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

As I would expect for this game. I saw all I needed to in the last few weeks to know I would be pleased to buy this.

I honestly think the couple of scores it got that were lower than this were from sites who either wanted to stand out (for hits or because they're 'cool') or sites that are worried about giving a launch game a high score and having nowhere to go when the next instalment in the franchise blows this one away.

Looks great fun, I've enjoyed all the KZ series (to varying degrees) and this looks like the best yet for several reasons. :)

christrules00412771d ago

USgamer gave it a 2/5 based on the single player and didn't even touch the multiplayer in there review. How do you review a game without reviewing all components of the game?

Game-ur2771d ago

Game reviews are catching up to the mainstream, if you look at IMD you will find many great movies averaging 6/10, because many great reviews get draged down by trolls. The hit baiting troll reviews are increasing in the gaming medium.

spektical2771d ago

cant wait to join on the mp action!

TheEnigma3132771d ago

Nice score. This game is getting some solid scores so far. Can't wait to play this.

staticdash222771d ago

I don't understand. Why such a disparity between the mainstream and the smaller review sites? Many of these guys get no free ps4 or free games. They aren't going to review events. They're just hardcore gamers. With so much controversy surrounding the big reviewers, I can't trust them anymore. Destructiod said it best, shadow is a fantastic game, even has its share if errors but guerrilla should be commended for not taking the easy way out.

G20WLY2771d ago

The smaller sites won't win favours from MS or Sony for talking games up or down. They are without agenda and just review the games, rating them according to how good they are - just like the good old days!

The big sites all seem to be biased one way or the other. They're worth reading for insider information sometimes, but I disregard their opinions whether they're inline with my hopes or not. ;)

MasterCornholio2771d ago

Some sites have so much bias that it's ridiculous like Polygon and Biogamergirl for example.

Nexus 7 2013

christrules00412771d ago

That is the most messed up though as well because those bigger sites get most of the sway on metacritic so it's more like a war of bigger websites.

purp13m0nk3y2771d ago

Yea. I like the big sites for all the interviews and insider info. But I long ago learned to ignore their review scores.

There are so many awesome legit reviews from smaller sites if only you take five minutes to look around a bit.

Google is your friend ;-)

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