Bioshock Coming To PS3 This September?

It's been long rumored that Bioshock would eventually make the leap from the Xbox 360 to the PS3. After all, 2K Boston's critically acclaimed title moved from the console to the PC, and a code snippet found in configuration files for that port last year listed PS3 settings. Now, according to the upcoming issue of EGM, the move to Sony's system could be coming this fall.

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pwnmaster30005451d ago

omg were are your exclusive now 360 hahahahaha omg fuk this game i think its shiit, but its just funny how xbots were like it will never come to ps3 hahahah omg. watch there gonna say, "so wat we been playing it since 07".

but man i feel sorry for the xbots latly, so sad. oh well mass efect your nxt, then ninja gaiden, then gears

Andreiy5451d ago

since when this game was 360 exclusive?

myabsolution5451d ago


If any console has lost exclusives.... it has to be the PS3...

Fat Bastard5451d ago

All the poor xbots are whimpering in their cages. Defeat hits them hard, and there is enough in the air for them already. For the PS3 to receive such a great game is definetely a big deal. Too bad the 360 isn't getting any of the PS3 exclusives, cause it can't handle them with its weak amount of power

Shadow Man5451d ago


princejb1345451d ago

myabsolution -"if any console has lost exclusives.... it has to be the PS3..."
what mayor exclusive has ps3 lost?

Bnet3435451d ago

Good job on losing GTA as an exclusive you phucking idiots, ha ha ha

Pain5451d ago (Edited 5451d ago )

@above = Nothing but Xbots Crying

5451d ago
5451d ago
myabsolution5451d ago (Edited 5451d ago )

want a list of lost ps3 games... ? ok.

Devil May Cry 4
Fatal Inertia
Beautiful Katamari (PS3 version junked)
Assassin's Creed
Frontlines Fuel of War (PS3 version junked)
Virtua Fighter 5
LA Noire (not exclusive afterall)
Heavenly Sword dev's next game
Ace Combat 6 (hey, wasnt that a PS franchise... ?)

just to name the ones that come to mind. there are more for sure, and wasnt that the whole reason the ps3 was like ... a non-factor in 2006/07? It had no killer exclusives? OR did you just buy a PS3 now in 2008. Well, either way, welcome to next-gen.

sammy_mantra5451d ago

HS is PS3 exclusive

the IP HS is owned by SONY

The devs are creating a new IP for multiplatform

DMC4 better on PS3

Devil May Cry 4...........better on PS3
Fatal Inertia...........on PS3 too
Beautiful Katamari (PS3 version junked).....PS3 has NOBI BOY
GTA4...............better on PS3
Assassin's Creed...........better on PS3
Frontlines Fuel of War---was never announced as PS3 excluisve
Virtua Fighter 5.....was never announced as PS3 exclusive
LA Noire .......initially was financed by SONY. Later they decided to discard it
Heavenly Sword 2.......SONY owns the IP
Ace Combat 6 ----coming to PS3 in September

lets look at x360

GAYLO 3---garbage game

MASS EFFECT --on PC and coming to PS3 too
BIOSHOCK --on PS3 and PC

OBLIVION --came to PS3
FEAR--came to PS3
OVERLORD --coming to PS3
THESIS---coming to PS3
C&C---coming to PS3

PS3 has genuine exclusives unlike X360 which are PC games basically

ALL PS3 exclusives below. they dont appear on PC








FF13 versus







HS 1 & 2












Oilers Fan5451d ago

sunny mantra or nasim or whatever the hell your name is, if you are indian I feel ashamed of being indian myself, your the biggest fanboy loser sony droid on this whole site, go get a life you piece of shat

myabsolution5451d ago (Edited 5451d ago )

yeah sure sammy, xbox 360 exclusives arent "true" because they are on PC? Some come to pc NOT ALL... but that doesnt make it any less console exclusive even if it is on pc... have fun paying for a 2000 dollar PC just to play some of those games.

oh and thanks for NOT listing all the 360 exclusives. WAY TO BE BALANCED THERE PAL! :)

And no I far disagree that all those games are "better on PS3".. youve got to be kidding me... assasin's creed on ps3 was the glitchiest game ever, do you even own it ? dmc4... 20min mand install when xbox 360 version loads just fine.

As far as which versions are better, that may all be opinion based. But the fact remains, that all those games were supposed to be PS3 only and didnt remain that way. More than 360 lost, by far.

getting games years later is ok for you? wow someone could practically take a crap down your throat and youd still be grinning from ear to ear.

Total Fanboy trash is what you are... yeesh.

sammy_mantra5451d ago (Edited 5451d ago )

what x360 exclusives???

It has no exclusives except garbage PC games which are also coming to PS3 ( mass effect /bioshock etc)

Oh wait u cant play on that TRASH BOX 3 FIX ME cuz you get RROD minutes after purchase

FF13 is bigger than Xbox+x360's entire gaming library combined

DMC4 runs better on PS3 and has no FR dips like the GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME version

IGN on X360 vs PS3 (DMC 4 )

"Like most multi-console games, any review would inevitably have to come down to which system is better, and for this instance, the PS3 winds up winning out just slightly. It's not in the gameplay department, because DMC4 plays the same regardless of which system that you play on. Nor is it in the visual department, because visual issues are virtually negligible. For example, the 360 has some harder edges to some characters during cutscenes, and a little more screen tearing than the PS3 at times. The PS3 can be a wee bit darker during some scenes, though. Both systems show off a certain amount of render passing that pops into focus on sweeping vista shots, but they occur at the same time on each system and are quickly dismissed. However, observing these differences will only come via frame-by-frame analysis of each game side-by-side. Even then, you're still receiving an incredible visual experience."

**** the x360 version of DMC4 gives RROD on x360 if you play it for a continuous 2 hours

On the other hand DMC4 looks like DOG**** vs UNCHARTED . DMC 4 uses GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME 's full power and perhaps just 10% of PS3's power

as for games ---x360 lost all its games to PS3. It has no games except GAYLO3

But the FACT is GTA4/DMC4/COD4 ---anything that uses 20% of ps3's power end up looking much better on PS3

GTA4 looks miles better on PS3 and has a much stable FR too. It has no popups in the PS3 version unlike the X360 version (inferior one)

juuken5451d ago (Edited 5451d ago )

Um...myabsolution? If anyone has lost exclusives, it would have to be the 360 at the most. Sony only lost a few exclusives...and I wouldn't call that "losing" because it went multi-platform. Sony still has a LOT of exclusives and most of them are coming this year.

And the rest of you xboys...don't be mad because Sony is stealing one exclusive after another! You flame the PS3 with absolutely nothing to back it up with. If anything, Sony still has more exclusives than MS because most of MS's games are on the PC and probably play better on the PC for that matter.

And Oiler's Fan, your comment sounded racist and I reported you. Since when does one's race have to do with videogames?

You fail at life.

Keep on whining xboys-that's what you're known for doing anyway.

lawman11085451d ago

#2 it is not going to come onto the PS3 because it like every other game on that Black pile of garbage does not sell. I belive the BD MOVIE version may one day come out THEN PS3 owners will buy it. Oh and BTW your coment that "this game i think its shiit" just tells me YOU NEVER PLAYED IT" What a TOTAL LOSER you are.

zethos565451d ago

since when was ME coming to ps3?

bennyace5451d ago

All the PS3 fanboys keep saying that the 360 line-up is a bunch of lame games , and now that getting a 1 year old 360 game they're all excited!!! I'm I missing something here???

Gam715451d ago

Sammy is Doodle or nasim and she spews lies and one sided poor arguments.

Everything she says you can pick apart and find a lot of hypocrisy in her comments.
She has had two accounts that I know of deleted.

She's a troll so ignore her.

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TheREALHarryEtTubMan5451d ago (Edited 5451d ago )

8. PS3 Has a Major CPU Advantage
The GPUs on the Xbox 360 and PS3 are roughly equivalent, with the Xbox 360 arguably having a slight edge. The difference in CPU power, however, is far greater with the PS3 enjoying the advantage. The PS3’s eight parallel CPUs (one primary “PPU” and seven Cell processors) give it potentially far more computing power than the three parallel CPUs in the Xbox 360. Just about any tech programmer will tell you that the PS3’s CPUs are significantly more powerful. The problem is that it has been challenging thus far to take advantage of the Cell’s parallel architecture.

With the PS2, Sony got away with making a fairly developer-unfriendly system, and its success allowed their hardware designers to ignore developer’s complaints as they made the PS3. People high up at Sony have realized that approach simply won’t work anymore and are trying to fix the problem. Sony is actively improving their libraries, tools and developer support in order to make PS3 development easier. They are giving first party developed techniques and code to third-party developers so that multi-platform games should start looking better on PS3.

Games developed from the ground up on PS3 are the ones that will really show off the PS3’s CPU advantage. The complexity of the distributed processing architecture means that PS3 engines won’t fully blossom until a little later in the lifecycle than the PS2. This has put the PS3 at a disadvantage early in its lifecycle, but within two years you will see games that surpass what is possible on the Xbox 360.


LOL PWNED Crackhead BOTS. We are also getting the Bioshock series and its gonna run better on PS3. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA

EVERYONE has confimed GTA 4 runs better on PS3 including IGN HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA

Still don't think PS3 has taken over?? WHAT has the PS3 NOT taken over???

5451d ago
Danja5451d ago

Played it on the PC last year ... so either way even if Bioshock 2 doesn't come to the PS3..which it will...I can still play it on my PC which will be the better version.

chaosatom3335451d ago (Edited 5451d ago )

I will buy it on the ps3 if it comes but i have to see what other games are up against it.

I won't buy a xbox for it tho. My pc can't handle Bioshock.

Ps3 is now looking like a good choice for everyone.

sammy_mantra5451d ago

i am a console gamer and PS3 version for me

reckoner5451d ago

Either way, this game is amazing.

Danja5451d ago

if Bioshock 2 comes out for the PS3 then im definetly buying for the console.....but if it doesn't then I can still play it o my PC,,,

dont see what was said in my post that offended

But I wont buy Bioshock ..cuz I already have it for my PC...

Shaka2K65451d ago

And the most inferior version is on x360.

5451d ago
Fat Bastard5451d ago

Of course it is coming to the PS3. All of us already knew that. Any AAA game on the 360 could achieve so much more with blu ray and the cell on the PS3. It's funny how the 360 already lacks exclusives this year and is now losing its best old ones to the PS3. But come on everyone, we all know the PS3 is dominant.

lawgone5451d ago

You're really racking up the ignores there Potter. I wonder why?

Gaystation 35451d ago

This was already debunked last year in this story.

I've also included a post from the same story, when you were posting as larry007

"OFCOURSE this means it is coming to PS3
had it been exclusive then DEVS would have said X360 and PC exclusive right away.

Why wouldnt TAKE 2 bring this on more POWERFUL PS3???

just like OBLIVION this would be coming to ps3 as well


PS3 is outselling the x360 all around the world NOW

It outsold x360 in JULY

and has been consistently outselling x360 ever since its launch in EU and JAPAN

x360 is the least selling console in the world

except NA for the last 2 weeks.

in EU and JAPAN ps3 murders x360"

Do you know what has changed since then?


You are still an idiot and Bioshock is not coming to the PS3.

5451d ago
Gam715451d ago (Edited 5451d ago )

Going on comments from this board in the past no ps3 fan likes bioshock so no-one will buy it, and when the rumours of mgs4 going to 360 came out they said why would anyone buy a game thats been out for a year and the story you'll already know.

Yet now, a different tune.



Hello doodle, your 14 day ban up?
Now the deal was if just 1 more 360 was sold after march 28th you would leave forever and if none were sold i would. Well it outsold the ps3 in march so you shouldn't be here

prunchess5451d ago

Whats up with all the different user names? Didn't think anyone would agree with the crap you were posting? Didn't you think someone would someday notice you were posting from the same ip address? Embarrassing or what!

Fallen_Angel5451d ago

I cant wait to play the best version of MGS4 and FF13 on my 360 i read a rumor that they were coming to the 360.

So now that its a confirmed fact I cant wait to play the best version of these games with no framerate issues and much sharper texture maps

Jinxstar5451d ago

@ Gaystation

Your name in itself should be reported but apart from that.

Why wouldn't they bring it to the PS3... The gaming industry is about making money bro... It makes sense with the PS3 attach rate now that its a good way to make money considering they don't have to do much and its a guarantee they will make their money's worth....

If I were a business owner i would do it and it's not like it will effect the 360 anymore with how long its been out. I already own it on my 360 so no real need to rebuy...

Homicide5451d ago

Once again, the PS3 version will be superior. The DLC content will be included and the graphics will be better than the 360/PC.

zethos565451d ago

Is kind of pointless. Obviously if the game is released a year later it will obviously be better than the 360 version.

Cicinho5451d ago

How the hell could MGS go to Xbox? The xbox dvd discs aren't going to be good enough to handle the next GTA, how are they going to handle the 50gbs of MGS?

Maybe Konami will port the psp MGS to xbox hahaha

NO_PUDding5450d ago

You can genuienly keep it. Why do developers, or more to the point publishers waste their time porting and movign IP's around.?

I do not want this overrated FPS....

I would however love the porting team to be asked to make a completely new game. And I am sure they'd also like that freedom, and it would amke them more enthusiatic.

Mozilla895450d ago

I played the demo on my roomate's 360 and watched him beat the whole game and I thought it was good not great. I'm just not into games that dont have multiplayer cause then there isn't any replay value and I'm paying 60 bucks! The thing that I did like about the game was the atmosphere, that was amazing. If a sequel came out I would buy that though.

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s8anicslayer5451d ago (Edited 5451d ago )

i believe it was mr. levine was the one who said last summer that it was only for 360 and later pc!

Bnet3435451d ago

You are correct, it was in an article with Gamespot 5 days before the game released.

permutated5451d ago

I played it on the 360, and even though I don't have a PS3, I'd love to see an uncompressed version on the PS3.

I'm not against games being multiplatform, in fact I don't give a rats ass about exclusivity, but in my mind, the way to make good multi plat games is to release them optimized on one system, and then rebuild them for the specs of the other.

Seeing how well Bioshock and Gears were ported over to PC, I'd hope for a similar port on the PS3 for both.

devilhunterx5451d ago

they werent ported over to the pc. Every xb2 game is MADE on the pc and then ported over.

Bazookajoe_835451d ago

But if they throw together some piece of garbage just to make money it´s a shame...

UrbanJabroni5451d ago

As is every PS3 game, my friend. It's not like we sit there with a dev kit and a keyboard and compile/cook on the SPUs... development is done on a p.c. Dev kits are also _very_ many junior developers/interns and the like don't even get one.

Development on all consoles, WII/PS3/360 pretty much follows the exact same process. Please shut your damn fanboy mouth and let those of us who actually know what we are doing make the games.

GameDev5451d ago

when you want to test your new SPU algorythm??

seems like someone else is a noob too.

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