Call Of Duty: Ghosts Review - Hard Reset

Most of my reviews are around 1,000 words long. After I finished playing Call Of Duty: Ghosts, the new universe created by Infinity Ward after they let go of Modern Warfare, I though to myself How does one write a brand new review of something that is, at it’s core, the same game that was released last year – but actually even worse.

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Kingnichendrix2771d ago

That and world at war were my favorite for story and multiplayer

Asuka2771d ago

i agree. waw isn't most people's fav cod, but i had a blast with it. plus the zombies were the best imo. zombies mode is just too over the top now. it felt better as a simple mini-game deal imo

coolbeans2771d ago

I gotta admit...I love that picture.