Summer Sports: Paradise Island Review at CheatCC - You're Better off Just Going Outside

CheatCC writes: "Destineer's at it again! This time they're taking on backyard hobbies. You may remember Destineer's other recent abominations such as the Kidz Sports series, Homie Rollerz, Kawasaki Quad Bikes, and Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom to name a few. These are all titles I like to call "Wii Killers." These previous games are characterized by their horrendous use of the motion controls, paucity of options, and woeful lack of detail. Thankfully, Summer Sports: Paradise Island is far better than the other offerings they have hastily put out for Wii. The controls, while still poor, don't feel broken. Moreover, the game has some variety with seven different sports to play, and the overall production values are much higher. In fact, the game plays a lot like Wii Sports. Now before you go jumping out to buy the title, know that the games are most similar in quality to tennis or boxing and never approach the quality of bowling or baseball. Nevertheless, this is the best product Destineer has published for Wii and is a game that may be fun for truly casual gamers."

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