Total War: Rome 2 patch 7 now in open beta for players to try(arii)

"Creative Assembly has announced today that Patch 7 for Total War: Rome II is available as an opt-in beta on Steam. This is the method the team has been using since launch, where the patch will be in beta for a while for players to (optionally) download, then move into general release a week or so later."

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ThanatosDMC2777d ago

Beta game... lame!

Cant believe I bought this for my older brother as a gift (almost $200) and he only played it for less than three hours before he was disgusted by the game.

He liked the catapult that came with it at least.

ATiElite2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I think I have burned everything down to the ground that you can burn.

I need some DLC! or I'm just gonna burn the same stuff again but crispier.

ALICE6662777d ago

How is this game now since its release?

Have they also removed capture the flag crap?

If it even worth buying or sticking to my medieval2? (my fav all time of the series and nothing has surpassed it since IMO).