Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty story trailer debuts

To celebrate the impending European launch of PlayStation 4, we here at Oddworld and Just Add Water wanted to give everyone something a little New ‘n’ Tasty.

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Sleepless2818d ago

That's the anouncement?? .....1up for PS....Oddworld is nice

SonyNGP2818d ago

This remake was announced a while ago :I

GentlemenRUs2818d ago

It was announced months ago, This is the Story Trailer which is like a teaser but with footage.

SoapShoes2818d ago

Are you in need of medication? I find it hard to believe people are that dumb. They give you a time and you don't know when it will be?

CaEsAr-2818d ago

Cannot wait for this game!

IanVanCheese2818d ago

This. This is the main reason I'll be picking up a PS4 down the line...unless MS apologise to Oddworld ad it comes to Xbox One. Sadly i can't see that happening.

NukaCola2818d ago

MS ruined Oddworld. I am glad they are finally home.

Snookies122818d ago

You know it'll be on Vita and PS3 as well, right?

Sleepless2818d ago

What?? The game is good.....but getting PS4 because of it?? whatever

leahcim2818d ago

Vita version for me!


GentlemenRUs2818d ago

It will be 1080p on PS4 :P

Though I will end up buying it for the PC and Vita too ;)

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