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Knack is an entertaining action game for tweens with compelling combat mechanics that drive the experience forward and make it hard to put down the controller. Just tap one button to punch and press another to start a super move, and then jump and dodge as necessary to avoid incoming attacks. It's a simple but at times satisfyingly challenging formula. Plus, the colorful environments look lovely on the PS4 and are filled with plenty of hidden rooms and passages containing relics and technological treasures that let Knack build gadgets to power up his abilities.

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theXtReMe12810d ago

This is a very fair review. It marks it's negative points with some positive spin. Overall, it's a simple game to be enjoyed by a new generation of gamers. I'm going to have fun playing it, I hope other people will give it a try even with all of the negativity surrounding it.

ZBlacktt2810d ago

See, not that the score has anything to do with it. It's the way the review is written. You can relate to it in a way that says he just went in with the right attitude from the start.

TheEnigma3132810d ago

This and killzone are getting good scores. I may have to check this game out.

christocolus2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Now im confused...why are the reviews so mixed up?..i guess anyone who loves these type of games should just go out there and get the game...following the mixed reviews of this game and killzone sf is enough to cause a migrain... i have actually played some games rated poorly by some websites and guess what? I actually enjoyed if youve been anticipating this games release dont allow some bad reviews stop you..get out there and get it.

Bennibop2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

It's the same every console launch,, I think the reviewers/ critics are expecting to blown away by something new and different but the reality is its the same games with new glossier skins. It takes a while for the developers to get to grip with the possibilities, I am sure x1 will have the same issues.

Anon19742810d ago

Here's what I've been noticing. The reviews that seem to think the game are good seem to be looking at it for it's appeal to kids. It's a kids game, will they like it? Some of them have even tried it with actual children and have commented on what the kids have to say.

The really negative reviews for the most part seem to be glossing over the point of the game. It's meant as an entry level game for kids. So the controls and combat aren't complicated, the cut-scenes appear to be stating the obvious, the hidden objects aren't all that well hidden, co-op leads to the game being fairly easy...all these are things that you want a kids game to be. Straight forward, old school Crash Bandicoot type gameplay.

The guys bashing this sound like if an adult went into a viewing of Spy Kids and didn't figure out the movie was a kids movie. You don't see any of those guys saying "Your kids would love this," or "this might be harder for younger children" or anything remotely relevant to what a parent needs to know before buying this game for their children.

It's odd, because when you see reviews for a game like Skylanders, the reviewers have no problem pointing out it's strengths and weaknesses from a kid perspective but this is largely missing from Knack reviews. Not surprisingly the sites that do comment on Knacks appeal to kids seem to be giving higher review scores.

As a parent, there's really a shortage of kid appropriate family games out there that don't center around some movie franchise. We need more family friendly games.

christocolus2810d ago

You've got a point....totally agree

Anon19742809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

@XboxFun. I would but it's not for just my kids, it for me as well. I certainly appreciate the family friendly fair Nintendo regularly promotes. I just think the WiiPad is a terrible idea. I don't know if you've been around more than one kid, but you trying throwing brothers and sisters in a situation where one person gets the giant, uber controller and everyone else has to make due to regular controllers or Wii-motes.

Part of being a responsible parent is seeing issues before they become issues and I'll never understand Nintendo's reasoning for the one giant, special controller per unit. Apparently Japanese kids never fight over things like this.

When purchasing a new console I'd much rather just skip the need for a new set of rules for the household and get a console I can use at the same time for the gaming I do. Plus, I have this feeling the Wii-U isn't going to quite have the longevity of the PS4/XboxOne. There's that aspect as well when purchasing a new console.

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