Gears of War 2 Preview at CheatCC - GOW 2 Details: The War Is Not Over

CheatCC writes: "The team at Epic Games is clearly gunning to outdo itself in its quest to make every aspect of Gears of War 2 larger, brimming with more action-packed goodness and packing an even greater punch than its apocalyptic predecessor. With promises of making it "bigger, better, and more badass than the first game in every way," they've got their work cut out for them."

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Deadman643881d ago

looks good i'll def. pick this up.

Shaka2K63881d ago

We just hope this one has atleast a decent AI.

bloop3881d ago

I think someone needs to go to Specsavers, and I think someone has yet to play Gears.

FCOLitsjustagame3881d ago

"The War is not over".
Gosh, really, never would have expected that to be the case.

Looking forward to this game but will not allow myself to be overhyped despite Epics epic attempt to make me so.

TheIneffableBob3881d ago

I'm guessing a few months after the 360 version releases, seeing as how Epic Games is now in the PC Gaming Alliance.

Bnet3433881d ago

When everyone on Xbox 360 gets tired of playing it.

Lets-Game3881d ago

really who would care about this game when so to say "10/10" coming in 3 days!!! :)

bloop3881d ago

I was just thinking the same thing :) But Gears is possibly in my top 5 games of all time. Judging by reviews and vids I've seen of GTA IV, Epic (and any other developer for that matter) are really going to have to bring out something un-f#cking-believable to come close to GTA.

poopsack3881d ago

lol yeah lets not call it spongebob squarepants: Battle for bikinbottom any more... I mean GTA 4.

angel6043881d ago

how is the co-op difficulty going to work "more importantly each player will be able to adjust their own difficulty levels individually. This new feature will allow hardcore GeOW veterans to blast away Locust alongside new players."

on persons system it will take more shots to kill a locust than your partners..


NOTORIOUSzeke3881d ago

I see too many problems coming from that system...

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