1UP: Lego Batman Preview

1UP only recently saw Lego Batman for the first time. As they pointed out then, any fan of the Lego Star Wars games will know roughly what to expect from Batman's blocky debut. But basics aside, the dark and detailed cityscape isn't the only thing that sets this apart from its Jedi predecessors. The fan-servicing Villain Mode allows players to run rampant in Gotham's streets as notorious menaces like Catwoman, Joker, and Scarecrow, each with their own special abilities.

But developer Traveller's Tales isn't going to let the bad guys have all of the fun. The Dynamic Duo has its own tricks: special suits. Like Batman and Robin's gadget-filled belts, the suits allow them to do some amazingly useful things.

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outlaw7343826d ago

I guess I am the only person REALLY looking forward to this game