Mother Camps Out to Get PS4 for Son

"—Whipping wind and rain Tuesday wasn't enough to make Vicky Smith head for home and abandon her makeshift campsite outside the Greensboro Best Buy at 1701 S. 40 Drive."

Smith said she doesn't plan on leaving until she buys the new PlayStation 4 for her 20-year-old son, Cameron Smith.

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abzdine2771d ago

no way i'd camp for a console in that weather

xHeavYx2771d ago

No way I'd camp for a 20 year old

pyramidshead2771d ago


I lol'd hard when I read 20 year old son pahaha, I thought it was gonna be for like a 9 year old or something.

buddymagoo2771d ago

I bet she goes home a night and comes back early morning before it's open.

gaffyh2771d ago

Looks like nobody told her that there's a thing called online preorder.

2771d ago
dcbronco2771d ago

I hear a little jealousy coupled with some mommy issues. Not every parent is indifferent to their kids.

badz1492771d ago

20 year old son? maybe the Son has class or part time job to attend to and it seems like she's doing it out of her own will too. must be a really good son. the extend some moms would go for her beloved kids is amazing.

I hope this son of her will always remember this and not use the PS4 his mom will be getting for him as excuses for him not to do something good in return for this.

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XB1_PS42771d ago

I wouldn't let my mother do this..

-Ghost2771d ago

Exactly. Dude should've planned well ahead if he really wanted a next gen console. Not let his mom do all the work for him.

LOGICWINS2771d ago

We don't know the situation. She might be trying to buy his love in an attempt to mend something horrible she did in the past. Or maybe shes retired and has nothing better to do. Camping out in front of a Bestbuy might be the most fun shes had in years.

Heck, maybe the console is for her and her 20 year old son is actually a 20 inch Sony LCD monitor. Alotta crazies out there.

maddskull2771d ago

he probably doesnt know

HappyWithOneBubble2771d ago

Me either. Best Buy should have just gave her a PS4 early so she wouldn't be out in that weather. No console is worth getting a flu over.

swerve1212771d ago

did you read that he's a tennis player in college. she just wants 2 really make her college boy happy

irepbtown2771d ago

Or at least let her in the store to say for the time its open, then back in her tent when they're closed.

And I agree with XB1_PS4, I wouldn't let my Mother do this.

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Derekvinyard132771d ago

This kid is 20 and he can't get his own?

jackanderson19852771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

is he studying to become a doctor or something that requires all his time and effort like saving a man/womans life or he has some sort of disability? please say so (can't watch video) cuz if not then there is no justification for her to be doing it for him

MaXiM19842771d ago

As my mother says:"Someday, when you become a parent, you'll understand"...yeah, that's for when I question their unrational behavior.

And if he's in med school, better invest that money in books...he won't even unbox the thing.

Xsilver2771d ago

Mother of the Year but i wouldn't let my mom do that

Blackdeath_6632771d ago

she might be reliable but its a shame the ps4 isn't BOOM!

GirlOnFire2771d ago

Kids of Xbox live I won't miss you. Goodbye.

Blackdeath_6632771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

lol no, i don't game on xbox and never have. just a light hearted comment it's amazing how serious some people are. loosen up guys the ps4 launch is upon you will get your console soon enough.

nix2771d ago

i watched the video bcoz he said "hot"... /:

so sad i felt. )):

Eonjay2771d ago

So, quick question:

Who here is buying their own PS4/XOne
Who here is getting it as a gift.

Death2771d ago

I'm buying me one as a gift. ;)

I'm also buying one for my brother as a gift too.

Eonjay2771d ago


Nice! you brother is lucky btw!

GirlOnFire2771d ago

That's a really nice mom. Too bad the kid is probably taking advantage of her. I hope she gets one at least.

boeso2771d ago

Watched it because of your comment. Wish I hadn't. You LIED!

Magicite2771d ago

some people still cant get it its 2013 out here.

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ZBlacktt2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Meanwhile the son is at home enjoying some nice hot coco and taking a hot bath.

Maxor2771d ago

He's probably on N4G posting about Greatness Awaits.

Lovable2771d ago

LMAO oh goodness that made laugh. bubble for you.

Greatness awaits!

Death2771d ago

My money is on Eonjay or DirtyPimp. :D

Eonjay2771d ago

Actually I'm at work... yeah I have to make my own living; buy my own PlayStation...

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Neonridr2771d ago

Wait Wait Wait, he's 20 and she's buying him his video game console?

Majin-vegeta2771d ago

Lol first thing that popped into my head.

sigfredod2771d ago

Maybe he needs to work and give her the money to try to get one on launch day?

ZBlacktt2771d ago

This... and he has to know because shes not coming at night.