Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy VII, Parappa Easter Eggs found in new PS4 ad

The launch ad for the PS4 contains Easter Eggs referencing Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy VII, Parappa the Rapper and more.


Added more hidden secrets that were found in the ad.

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abzdine2777d ago

how about Jet Set Radio, Last of Us, Tearaway, Ico, Drake (Uncharted)?
i think it's a PS commercial in general.

blitz06232777d ago

As awesome as it is, it also gives out false hope, especially for people hoping for an announcement related to Crash or FFVII.

hay2777d ago

KB should welcome the viewer in the chopper...

Christopher2777d ago

So, who is the guy holding up the car?

At first I thought Barret, but that seems off.

-Foxtrot2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

God I wish they would announce a new Crash Bandicoot game tonight...

Activison aren't even using the IP anymore, I hope Sony bought it a while ago. Although something like that would of probably leaked out at one point as a rumour.

Anyway that advert was awesome

At the 26 second mark with Knack at the right hand side on the that a STARS logo? Very hard to make out

Street Fighter
Final Fantasy 7
PaRappa the Rapper
The Order
Crash Bandicoot
Kara from the QD tec demo (I think)

Saw this on NeoGaf aswell

JimmyLmao2777d ago

Crash Bandicoot silhouette, arrow, Sony Logo.

is that a fancy way of saying

Crash is back at Sony?

-Foxtrot2777d ago

That's what I was thinking :D

izumo_lee2777d ago

It really does look that it may be that Sony & Activision has an agreement to give back or at least lend Crash back to Sony.

The rumor of a classic franchise being revealed tonight on Spike may mean that Naughty Dog have been working on Crash set in space & that is the big shock Geoff was hinting at.

Imagine Crash back where it really belongs! It's a homecoming!

Blackdeath_6632777d ago

there was also a fireflies logo on a grey box(just after the E.kenway shop and the creed logo) from the last of us so proud i managed to pick that out

Lucreto2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Love these adverts

Everytime you watch them you find something new.

It that Dragon from Skyrim or Deep Down?

MegaRay2777d ago

Too early to announce it since the final patch for the first game didn't came yet but. SONY MAKE IT HAPPY

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The story is too old to be commented.